4 Beautiful Floodplain Forests

Discover Turkey and its lush green rain forests

Turkey's 4 Floodplain Forests

Turkey has 4 amazing floodplain forests which are Igneada, Acarlar, Sarikum and Karacabey. These areas are as lush as rain forests and very important habitats for some endemic flora and fauna in Europe.

Floodplain Forests

Underwater forests? Floodplain forests are very unique ecosystems because of their periodic flooding. The most essential condition for the sustainability of this ecosystem is the continuous existence of abundant water. Floodplains are home to a diversity of wildlife, provide corridors that allow wildlife to move from one habitat to another. Only specific tree, plant and bird species prefer this environment to live.

Floodplain forests are located only in Kirklareli, Bursa, Sakarya, Sinop and Samsun;

  1. Igneada Floodplain Forest, Kirklareli
  2. Karacabey Floodplain Forest, Bursa
  3. Acarlar Floodplain Forest, Sakarya
  4. Sarikum Floodplain Forest, Sinop
  5. Haci Osman Floodplain Forest, Samsun

As Lush As Rain Forests

Igneada: Igneada floodplain forest is one of the most beautiful and rare natural formations in Turkey, also the largest floodplain in Europe and the third largest floodplain in the world. It is located in the cute little town of Igneada, Kirklareli.

If you want to wake up in the morning with the birdsongs, plentiful oxygen and campfire then this floodplain forest is the right address for weekend escape.

Karacabey: Karacabey floodplain forest is just like a paradise on earth waiting to be discovered, located in Karacabey town, Bursa. This natural wonder hosts different colors and living creatures in every season, one of the most vivid floodplain forests in Turkey.

Acarlar: Acarlar floodplain forest is located in Sakarya province, northwestern Turkey. This area is a combination of seaside, lagoon, dunes and forest, also Turkey's only monobloc floodplain forest. The floodplain is amazing habitat for some endemic flora and fauna.

Sarikum: Sarikum floodplain forest is the least known floodplain forest in Turkey, located in Sinop province in the Black Sea region. The floodplain has four life ecosystems which are forest, sea, sand and lake.

4 Floodplain Forests of Turkey
Sarikum Floodplain Forest, Sinop