4 Best Olive Oil Museums

Discover Turkey and best olive oil museums

Turkish Olive Oil Museums

Turkey has some great olive oil museums that are worth visiting. These museums are formed to reflect the connection of olive and olive oil culture of the Anatolian and Mediterranean history.

Olive Oil Museums

Olive oil culture is so deeply rooted that it was mentioned in almost all sacred books. Although, olive production dates back to prehistoric times in Turkey, much of its history is being forgotten in modern times. Turkish olive and olive oil museums, which are some of the most significant museum examples in the world, are definitely worth visiting.

In these museums, you will testify to the way of olive oil production phases, from the production to the table.

The best olive oil museums to see in Turkey;

  • Adatepe Olive Oil Museum, (Ayvacik - Canakkale)
  • Oleatrium Olive and Olive Oil Museum, (Kusadasi - Aydin)
  • Kostem Olive Oil Museum, (Urla - Izmir)
  • Evren Ertur Olive Oil Museum, (Edremit - Balikesir)

Adatepe Olive Oil Museum

Adatepe Olive Oil Museum, which is Turkey's first boutique olive oil museum, was opened in July 2001. The goal of the museum is to preserve the literary and visual history of olive oil production in Turkey, or as it was previously called, Anatolia. The Adatepe Olive Oil Museum is an early example of Turkey's developing agricultural heritage. Open seven days a week, it is an attractive stop for the increasingly popular gastronomy tours covering the Aegean region of Turkey.

Kostem Olive Oil Museum

Kostem Olive Oil Museum, which is the world's largest olive oil museum, is also Turkey's second industrial museum. The key goal of the museum is exhibiting all olive oil production technologies and mechanisms used in Anatolia with the original 1/1 scale and highlighting the importance of Izmir peninsula and Aegean region in the culture of olive and olive oil. All sections of the museum are waiting for those who are interested in olive and olive oil.

Oleatrium Olive and Olive Oil Museum

Oleatrium Olive and Olive Oil History Museum is the biggest olive oil museum in European countries. Each of the objects that make up the collection is a valuable treasure to be seen. The marvelous museum exceptionally touches to olive oil pressing history combined with art and ends up with organic products. You will feel yourself in a historical journey while you are visiting the museum.

Evren Ertur Olive Oil Museum

In the Evren Ertur Museum, the equipment and tools that have been used from ancient times to the present are arranged in a historical harmony. The olive squeezing facility, which is located right next to the museum and where the latest technology is used, is the last stop of this historical tour. If you visit the museum between October and March, you can see the production stages of olive oil and get an enjoyable experience.

Turkey's Biggest Mosaic Museums
Kostem Olive Oil Museum, Izmir