5 Amazing Monasteries near Trabzon

Discover Trabzon and visit marvelous monasteries

Trabzon's Best Monasteries to See

The magnificent monasteries, which have great importance in terms of history and faith tourism, are among the most iconic symbols of Trabzon. Here are 5 marvelous monasteries near the city centre you need to visit.

Sumela Monastery

Sumela Monastery, unbelievably nestled on a steep cliff at an altitude of 1200 m, overlooks forests and streams of Altindere Valley National Park. According to the legend two priests undertook its creation after discovering a miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary in a cave on the mountain.

The monastery complex encompasses a cave where the church was built, a holy fountain, student cells, ancillary buildings, and a guest room. Visitors can see the frescoes depicting biblical scenes from the lives of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary on the exterior walls of the rock church.

Vazelon Monastery

Vazelon Monastery, which is thought to be founded in 270 - 317 AD and dedicated to John the Baptist, is also worth seeing. Although it is older than Sumela, it is an less well known value because it has been abandoned for about 100 years. The monastery, which fascinates the visitors with its frescoes depicting Doomsday, Heaven and Hell, is 15 km away from Macka district. Vazelon Monastery, one of the first monasteries in Anatolia, is planned to be restored in the near future.

Peristera Monastery

Known as Kustul Monastery or Hizir Ilyas Monastery by local people, Peristera Monastery is a famous and spectacular structure that has left a mark in history. It is one of the most well known spots for trekking and history lovers with its breathtaking unique view and very mystical atmosphere. The monastery, of which only a small part remains today, was built in the middle of the 8th century.

Amenapirgic Monastery

Amenapirgic Monastery, also known as Kaymakli Monastery, stands on an area which overlooks the Degirmendere Valley in Boztepe, 3 km to the southeast from Trabzon. It was built in 1424.

The building complex lies on a rectangular area including a church in the middle with single apse, a bell tower to the northwest, and a small chapel and monastic cells to the southeast. All these buildings within the monastery have experienced a number of repairs. Hexagonal apse of the church is the oldest remain on the area. Frescoes decorating the church date back to the 18 century.

Kizlar Monastery

Kizlar Monastery (Panagia Theoskepastos Monastery), which is a religious building dating back to the 3. Alexios Period (1349-1390), has an excellent location on the slopes of Boztepe. The restoration of the monastery was finished in 2020 and took its present form. There are portraits of the wife and mother of Alexios in the church section of the Kizlar Monastery, which consists of a rock church, chapel and a few cells.

Trabzon's Best Monasteries to See
Vazelon Monastery, Macka, Trabzon