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5 Glacial Lake Beds to Explore

Discover Turkey, home of glacial lakes


Turkey's Beautiful Glacial Lake Beds

Glacial lakes are the cleanest water sources of Turkey. In our country, some glaciers are so beautiful because of its water, surrounding and mountains. Here is the list of those 5 beautiful glacial lake regions worth exploring.

Turkish Glacial Lakes

In Turkey, there are a large number of beautiful glacial lakes at the high elevations of Kackar Mountains, Aladaglar, Bolkar Mountains, Munzur Mountains, Uludag, Karagol Mountain, Suphan Mountain and Cilo Mountains.

These are fresh water lakes that came into existence as a result of glacier movements in the last glacial period.

Cinili Lake and Karagol in the Bolkar Mountains are home to single point endemic creatures such as Toros frogs. The highest of the glacial lakes is at the summit of Suphan Mountain, which is at an altitude of 4000 m. The largest is Ambar Lake, in the east of Kackar Mountains, and the deepest is 60 m deep Deniz Lake, in the south of Kackar Mountains.

Glaciers: Aladaglar, Agri, Bolkar, Erciyes and Kackar Mountains are the most important areas where glaciers are seen. Also, you can find glaciers in the mountains of the Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia regions.

Enjoyment of Exploring Glaciers

Kackar Mountains Glacial Lakes: With its rich flora, snow capped hills, meadows and dense forests, the glacial lakes at the peak of the Kackar Mountains are the attraction points for local and foreign nature lovers interested in outdoor sports. In addition to over 100 unnamed glacial lakes, there are lots of glacial valleys and 31 glacial lakes within the Kackar Mountains National Park.

Uludag Glacial Lakes: There are 7 exceptional glacial lakes within the borders of Uludag National Park. The source of life in Uludag, this lakes fascinate the nature enthusiasts. Climbers walking on the lakes in the winter, swim in the lakes to cool off in the summer.

Bolkar Mountains Glacial Lakes: The winter beauty of 4 amazing glacial lakes around the Bolkar Mountains, which are located on the border of Nigde, Konya and Mersin, fascinates the all visitors. This area is a must-see place for nature lovers and photographers.

Mercan Valley Glacial Lakes: Located in four different points of the Mercan Valley in the Ovacık district of Tunceli, the natural glacial lakes offer a unique beauty to its visitors. With its untouched exceptional geography and wildlife wealth, this valley is one of Turkey's most beautiful places. In the deep valley between the Mercan Mountains, nature lovers, who perform approximately 3 hours of hiking, reach 4 different glacial lakes on the same route.

Sat Glacial Lakes: Sat Glacial Lakes in the Cilo Mountains in Yüksekova district of Hakkari mesmerizes adventure seekers every day of the year. One of the paradise corner of Turkey, this region is very important for climbers, photographers and nature enthusiasts with its glacial lakes, unique views, undiscoeverd peaks and untouched nature.

Turkey's Beautiful Glacial Lake Beds Worth Exploring

Aynali Lake, Uludag, Bursa