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5 Most Beautiful Mosques in Edirne

Discover Edirne, home of beautiful mosques


Edirne's 5 Best Mosques to Visit

Much more than places for prayer, Edirne's mosques are a beautiful homage to the beauty of Islamic art. From their ornate interiors to the grand dimensions of their exteriors, these five mosques are as architecturally significant as they are stunning.

Edirne's World Heritage Mosques

Selimiye Mosque: Inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2011, Selimiye Mosque is the masterpiece of the world famous royal architect Mimar Sinan. The mosque is one the highest achievements of Ottoman architecture, which was built between 1568 and 1575 for Sultan Selim II. With its monumental dome and four slender minarets, Selimye Mosque is one of the most stunning complexes you will ever see. It is visible from all parts of the city with its entire splendour.

Sultan Bayezid II Mosque: Sultan Bayezid II Mosque on the shore of the Tunca River is another most important religious building in Edirne. The mosque was built by order of Bayezid II from 1484-1488 by the architect, Hayreddin. Sultan Bayezid II Mosque, which has a striking appearance, is the monumental building with two minarets and a central dome measuring 20 m across.

Splendid Examples of Ottoman Architecture

Muradiye Mosque: Muradiye Mosque is a 15th century Ottoman mosque in Edirne. The mosque was built between 1426 and 1436, on the orders of the Sultan Murad II, who gave the building its name. Muradiye Mosque is distinguished from other mosques of Edirne because of the tiles that decorate the mihrab and the walls of the prayer hall.

Uc Serefeli Mosque: Uc Serefeli Mosque is an another splendid example of Ottoman architecture in Edirne. The name of this building reflects one of the most characteristic features of the mosque, and one of its four minarets is adorned with three small balconies. Both its dimensions and unique architectural solutions made the mosque a distinguished pioneer of the great imperial mosques.

Edirne Old Mosque: The oldest Ottoman monument in Edirne, Old Mosque is an early 15th century Ottoman mosque. Construction was started by Emir Suleyman in 1403 and completed during the reign of Celebi Sultan Mehmet in 1414. It was designed by architect Haci Alaaddin from Konya and built by his foreman Omer Ibn Ibrahim. It has style of multiple dome Grand Mosques. The marble gate and decorative inscriptions inside are remarkable.

5 Most Beautiful Mosques in Edirne

Muradiye Mosque, Edirne