5 Most Striking Crater Lakes

Discover Turkey and see amazing crater lakes

Turkey's 5 Beautiful Crater Lakes

Crater lakes are favourite spots for some travelers, and usually formed by pools of water in the impressions of either dead or active volcanoes. Here is the list of 5 most amazing crater lakes you need to see in Turkey.

Crater Lake

A crater lake is a lake which forms in a volcanic crater or caldera, and attracts great interest from tourists every year because of its amazing structure, picturesque view and untouched nature.

Turkish Crater Lakes

Turkey is full of so many wondrous natural sites, and crater lakes form a certain part of those natural wonders. Exploring the natural beauties is one of the things travelers love most about Turkey.

Come and see these wondrous bodies of water formed from volcanic impressions.

  1. Nemrut Crater Lake, Bitlis
  2. Salda Crater Lake, Burdur
  3. Meke Crater Lake, Konya
  4. Karagol Crater Lake, Izmir
  5. Golcuk Crater Lake, Isparta
  6. Narligol Crater Lake, Cappadocia
  7. Kizilcan Lake, Sivas

5 of the Epic Crater Lakes

Nemrut Lake: Located in Bitlis province in Eastern Anatolia region, Nemrut Lake is Turkey's largest and the world's second largest crater lake. With its stunning beauty, hot and cold waters, ice caves, steam chimneys and bird species, the lake offers breathtaking views for local and international tourists. All visitors have the perfect opportunity to photograph the caldera's unique landscape and nature.

Salda Lake: Salda Lake, located in Burdur province in the Mediterranean region, is the deepest lake in Turkey and the third deepest lake in the world. This crater lake is reputed as Turkey's Maldives for its white sandy beach and turquoise colour water. With its impressive tectonic formation, Salda Lake is known to be one of two places in the world which has the same rock structure as Mars.

Meke Lake: Meke Lake is a crater lake composed of two nested lakes located at Karapinar in Konya province of Turkey. Known as the amulet of the world, the lake is a registered natural monument of our country. Meke Lake attracts nature lovers for its interesting and mesmerizing views.

Karagol Lake: Karagol Lake is a crater lake located in Izmir province of Turkey, welcomes you just like a painting reflecting all shades of green and the blue sky. The lake, which is the oxygen source of Izmir, allows visitors to witness to the amazing contrast of colourful forest on water.

Golcuk Lake: Located 12 km southwest of Isparta province, Golcuk is a crater lake at an altitude of 1300 m above sea level. Golcuk Lake is surrounded by hills covered with volcanic ashes, rising to 150-300 m.

5 Most Beautiful Crater Lakes of Turkey
Salda Crater Lake, Burdur