5 Oldest Monumental Trees

Discover Turkey and its most majestic trees

Turkey's Oldest and Most Majestic Trees

Trees attract our attention with their physical dimensions, visual privileges and cultural values. Some trees living in the highlands of Turkey appears to be more than 1600 years old, making them the oldest known living trees in Europe.

Tree, A Symbol of Nature

Throughout history, trees have withstood the test of time, quite literally. People are born and people die, civilizations rise and fall, but many trees, trees that you see every day, stay where they are, growing and staying firm.

Each tree is an inspiration for humanity. Trees, the symbol of our lives and nature, are the most important living beings that we can communicate between the past, the present and the future. Monumental trees differ from others of their species owing to their unusual size, their age, or their unusual shape, which means that they are of special natural, historical, cultural, or landscape interest.

If you have a passion for native and old trees in nature, you can discover the 5 of Turkey's oldest and most majestic trees in the list below.

The Oldest Monumental Trees

4115-Year-Old Yew Tree: Located in Gumeli Forest of Zonguldak province's Alapli town at an altitude of 1200 metres, the 4115-year-old yew tree (as of 2019) is known as Turkey's and Europe's oldest tree, the world's oldest yew tree, and one of the 5 oldest trees living in the world as well. Declared as a natural monument in the spectacular forests of the western Black Sea region, this yew tree is thought to be the only living creature in Anatolia since the Bronze Age.

2700-Year-Old Yew Tree: Located in Andirin town of Kahramanmaras province, the 2700-year-old yew tree (as of 2018) is the second oldest living tree in Turkey and one of the oldest yew trees in the world. This endangered majestic yew tree was discovered by nature photographers.

2334-Year-Old Cedar Tree: Located in the village of Karacaoren in Antalya's Kumluca town, the 2334-year-old cedar tree (as of 2018) is Turkey's oldest cedar tree, and one of the oldest known living trees in the world as well.

1800-Year-Old Olive Tree: Located in the ancient city of Teos in Izmir's Seferihisar town, the 1800-year-old olive tree (as of 2018) is the oldest olive tree in Turkey and one of the oldest olive trees in the world. This monumental olive tree is still growing strong, producing fruits to this day. Half a liter of olive oil price produced from 1800-year-old tree is for about 6000 $.

1656-Year-Old Olive Tree: The olive tree in the Kirkagac town of Manisa province, which is one of the oldest olive trees in the world that still gives product with its age of 1656, challenges the years. Registered as a monumental tree in 2013, this great olive tree is still being harvested by the villagers.

Turkey's Oldest and Most Majestic Trees
Yew Trees, Gumeli Forest, Zonguldak