6 Best Things to Do in Seferihisar

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Top 6 Experiences in Seferihisar

Seferihisar, which is the first slow city of Turkey, is famous for its cute village called Sigacik. From nice beaches to history, from local cuisine to nature, there are tons of things to discover. Here is the list of best tourist attractions in Seferihisar.

Roam around Sigacik

The most favourite place in Seferihisar, Sigacik is a really cute village surrounded with the city walls. You get the impression of walking through a movie set while here. It has been completely renovated, so it is super pretty. Make sure that your camera is in the bag. If you want to spend the night here, it is actually a good idea. That could be really nice experience to stay at a boutique hotel which are converted from the old houses.

Visit the Ancient City of Teos

The ancient city of Teos, which is located in Seferihisar town of Izmir, was founded as an Ionian civilization in 1000 BC. It is believed that Athames, the son of Dionysus, was the founder of the city. Places to be visited include the famous Temple of Dionysus, the theatre which has a capacity of 500, the agora, the city walls, the remnants of the port, the bouleuterion, and the gymnasium.

Shop at Sigacik Local Market

Every Sunday, there is a local producers' market happening in Sigacik. When you come here you will find some fruit and vegetable vendors. There are also local people selling clothes, decorative stuff and some knits that they are doing themselves.

Go Swimming

Any vacation in Izmir must include a trip to the beach, and Seferihisar is no exception. Seferihisar has plenty of beaches you can choose from. The beaches are quite calm and also great for children.

Visit Nature School

Nature School is located in Orhanli which is a mountain village in Seferihisar. It was founded to foster a culture of nature. They touch areas such as biodiversity, minimising the human footprint and ethical sourcing. The school has also a shop where sell products which were sourced through these principles.

Try the Local Specialities

When you come to Seferihisar, you will find that there are lots of street vendors on the streets, where you can try some of the local specialities. These delicious tastes mostly consist of salty and sweet pastries as well as some typical Aegean food.

Top 6 Experiences in Seferihisar
Sigacik Harbour, Seferihisar, Izmir