6 Clear Reasons to Ski in Turkey

Discover Turkey and snow covered ski slopes

Why You Should Ski in Turkey

Skiing is great at the snow covered mountains of Turkey. Our country offers a huge variety of skiing options for all levels on snow sure pistes, hospitality, and off the slope activities. These are just some of the reasons to choose Turkey for your skiing holiday.

Ski Vacations

Skiing, which is a fun and easy to learn winter sport, opens the door to a lot of fun opportunities. Also, it is a wonderful way to stay in touch with nature, travel and discover new places.

Turkey is one of the most important destinations in Europe for winter tourism and skiing holidays. Impressive ski tracks, thousands of skiing enthusiasts, luxurious and elegant winter hotels, powder snow at the foothills of impressive mountains and enchanting landscapes in nature. The mountains, which are covered with snow for 4-6 months during the winter season, offer holiday and sport together with comfortable accommodation facilities. Ski runs intertwined with nature, offering unique pleasures with different degrees of difficulty, and ideal for alpine skiing, snowboarding and ski touring enthusiasts.

There are many more reasons to go on a winter holiday. Here are the 6 reasons why you should choose Turkey for your next ski vacation.

6 Reasons Why Skiing in Turkey is Better

Short-Haul Flights: Short flight distance makes Turkey quite attractive winter destination for local and foreign tourists. The country is the the most centralized ski holiday country of the world by its geographical position. It is possible to access to the 1/3 of the world by a 4 hours flight from Turkey.

Powder Snow is Guaranteed: Turkey promises pure white snow during the winter months for visitors. During the normal winter conditions the height of the snow reaches approximately 3 m, and covered with forests, the natural beauty of the mountainous areas is stunning.

Great Value for Money: Turkey offers greater value than most of the European ski resorts, with ski passes, rentals, eating and drinking costs. Therefore, Turkey hits the sweet spot, with decent skiing for an even more decent price.

Modern Ski Centres: Various cities such as Erzurum, Bursa, Bolu, Kayseri, Kars and Erzincan are among ideal destinations for skiing tours. With its imposing mountains where the snow is always plentiful, Turkey's ski resorts offer unique winter holiday opportunities and ski runs with different levels of difficulty.

Entertainment Options: Ski centres of Turkey, which are flocked by winter sports enthusiasts such as skiing, snowboarding, offer beautiful alternatives for those who love the cold weather and those who want to spend a peaceful and funny time with their loved ones accompanied by snow covered nature scenery.

Family Friendly: Ski in Turkey is one of the best options for families with children in particular. Most well known ski areas have special fun slopes dedicated to children. Some ski resorts will even give free kids' ski passes or special family deals. You can enjoy a lively holiday full of winter sports and breathtaking views in the snowy mountains of Turkey.

6 Clear Reasons to Go Skiing in Turkey
Kartepe Ski Resort, Kocaeli