6 Mosaic Museums to Visit

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Turkey's Biggest Mosaic Museums

Turkey has some of the most important mosaic museums in the world. These modern museums, which are famous with their building complexes and great collections, attract the attention of visitors and show the best examples of valuable mosaics.

Zeugma Mosaic Museum

The world's second biggest mosaic museum, Zeugma is located in Turkey's southeastern city of Gaziantep. The museum is among the world's most important museums in terms of both its building complex and its collection. The collection of Zeugma Mosaic Museum exhibits 3000 m2 of mosaic, 140 m2 of frescoes, 4 Roman fountains, 20 columns, 4 limestone statues, bronze statue of the God Mars, grave steles, sarcophagi and architectural pieces belonging to the Roman and Eastern Roman periods.

Hatay Archaeological Museum

Hatay Archaeological Museum is one of the most prominent mosaic museums in the world because of the exquisiteness, size, number and quality of the mosaic collection, tessellated with detailed and unique colored stones. The museum has been open to visits since 2014 in its new building, which has all the elements you expect from a contemporary museum. Since the total area of the mosaics exhibited is 3250 m2, it holds the title of the museum where the largest mosaics of the world are displayed.

Chora Museum

Chora Museum is situated in Edirnekapi neighborhood of Istanbul. The mosaics and frescoes at the museum are the best examples of the 14th century, last era of the Byzantine painting art. Don't miss the Dormition of the Virgin in the main area of the Chora Museum.

Great Palace Mosaics Museum

Great Palace Mosaics Museum is located inside the Arasta Market in the Blue Mosque Complex, Istanbul. The works exhibited in the museum, dated between 450-550 AD do not have religious content. The mosaics unearthed in excavations are magnificent both in terms of artistic and in terms of the richness of depictions of the scenes.

Haleplibahce Mosaic Museum

Located in Turkey's southeastern city of Sanliurfa, Haleplibahce Mosaic Museum offers visitors a chance to get closer to the history. The museum is the greatest structure of Turkey without any columns having an area of 6000 m2 and 82 m diameter. Haleplibahce Mosaic Museum is home to the world's most valuable and delicate mosaics.

Misis Mosaic Museum

Misis Mosaic Museum exhibits the works that were excavated from Misis Tumulus, most notable are the mosaics that were on the floor of a 4th century temple in the ancient city of Misis. The museum is founded in 1959 in Yakapinar Village on the far east end of Adana at the west bank of Ceyhan River.

Turkey's Biggest Mosaic Museums
Zeugma Mosaic Museum, Gaziantep