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7 Reasons to Visit Gobeklitepe

Discover Sanliurfa, home of Gobeklitepe Temple


Why to Visit Gobeklitepe Temple

While the awareness of Gobeklitepe is increasing every year, thousands of tourists visit the region to see this great historical site. Here are the 7 of best reasons for you to visit the world's oldest temple and discovery that changed the human history.

Gobeklitepe Temple

Sanliurfa is home to the world's first place of worship. It was thought that the first place of worship for people from the polytheistic age, which preceded monotheism, was the 5000 BC temple on the island of Malta. The validity of this has been challenged by the evidence of a settlement at Gobeklitepe, and scientific data has now proved that the first place of worship was in fact the 12,000 year old Gobeklitepe Temple. This finding has prompted the rewriting of archaeological history.

History Awaits You

Your hunter gatherer ancestors are calling you. To discover one of the world's first faiths. To see a temple with stunning animal figurines and to admire an architecture far ahead of its time. To see how people lived around 12,000 years ago. Gobeklitepe, the world's first temple, zero point in time.

Year of Gobeklitepe: In honour of the 12,000-year-old Neolithic era temple, 2019 was declared "The Year of Gobeklitepe" by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Discover Gobeklitepe in all its glory, the world's oldest ever temple complex, a place that changes our understanding of early society.

Here are the 7 great reasons for you to visit the world's oldest temple of Gobeklitepe.

7 Best Reasons to Visit Gobeklitepe

Zero Point in Time: A marvel that tells us the secrets of early humans. About 7500 years before the Giza Pyramids, 7000 years before the Stonehenge. Gobeklitepe is the birthplace of an ancient civilization of faith and mystery.

World's Oldest Temple: The oldest known monumental temple of the world, Gobeklitepe was built 12,000 years ago. Gobeklitepe, considered to be one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of the world is 7500 years older than the oldest temple that has been known so far.

Ritual Centre of Mesopotamia: A ritual centre from 12 thousand years ago, an archeological treasure yet to be fully discovered. In Mesopotamia, the birthplace of civilisation, in the region known as The Fertile Crescent.

Architectural Wonder: A work of great organization and imagination for feasts, celebrations and rituals. An unprecedented architectural accomplishment allowing a glimpse into the prehistoric mind.

T-Shaped Megaliths: T-shaped limestone megaliths of Gobeklitepe are about 50 tons in weight each and 5 metres in height. The carvings are complex, with writing and figurines, all from around 12,000 years ago.

UNESCO: On the merits of its contribution to human history, the archaeological site of Gobeklitepe Temple is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Wishing Tree: Gobeklitepe is an artificially formed hill on a flat limestone plateau. There is an old black mulberry tree standing alone, a silent witness to human history. Local people call it the Wishing Tree.

7 Great Reasons to Visit Gobeklitepe Ancient Temple

Archaeological Site of Gobeklitepe, Sanliurfa