7 Incredible Blue Caves

Discover Turkey and incredible littoral caves


Turkey's 7 Beautiful Sea Caves

Turkey has a plenty of beautiful sea caves. These are the best places where sun, sea and earth combine to create a wonderful spectacle. Discover Turkey's littoral caves, which turn blue when the light hits the water.

Delik Deniz

Imagine a place where you look at the sea from a window. Delik Deniz is just such a place. In fact, if you want to watch the sunset from here, you can witness how beautiful the sun shines through a hollow rock. It attracts attention of many people with its natural structure and turquoise colour water that looks like a lagoon formed by leaking through a door opening to the sea. Located in Gazipasa district of Antalya, Delik Deniz is one of the travel destinations that holidaymakers should definitely consider when the summer season is approaching.

Beldibi Cave

Known as a rock bottom sanctuary, Beldibi Cave is one of the most visited natural beauties of the area. This sea cave, which is situated on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea near Kemer, is 25 m in height. You can reach the cave by boat and see some of the impressive stalagmites and stalactites.

Magarali Cove

The pearl of Finike, Magarali Cove is one of the most frequented places for those who want to have a sea holiday in these days. If you want to swim with a magnificent view, it is a place you should definitely see.

Fethiye Blue Cave

Blue Cave is a natural structure formed by the sea and wind in the geological period. It is known as Blue Cave, because of the entrance of the cave and its surroundings surrounded by deep blue water. What gives the sea this blue colour is not a cloud or anything else, just a single celled seaweed. Since single cell plants live in this region, its colour is always blue. The cave is located 2 km away from Oludeniz, Fethiye.

Fosforlu Cave

Located in Alanya town, Fosforlu Cave is a rare natural beauty with its geologic value by its nature. Being bright at nights, phosphoric lights of the cave can be seen even during day. Because of its blue phosphoric colour, this sea cave is known as Phosphoric Cave. You can jump into clean water and enjoy the sea in a different way.

Dilek Cave

Dilek Cave, which is situated in Marmaris district of Mugla, is one of the popular places frequently visited by tourists due to its green and turquoise water. In front of the cave, where big boats have a swimming break, you can enjoy to jump into turquoise colour sea that resembles an aquarium.

Kalkan Blue Cave

The epic Blue Cave is a natural beauty in itself. It is 50 m in length, 40 m in width and 15 m in height. When you reach the cave by boat, you will be amazed with the picturesque prettiness of the cave. The beauty and clarity of the water is very attractive. This littoral cave is a great place for diving thanks to its incredibly clear water. Blue Cave is 18 km from Kas and 6 km from Kalkan, about 600 m before arriving at Kaputas Beach.

Turkey's 7 Beautiful Sea Caves
Beldibi Cave, Kemer, Antalya