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7 Incredible Shopping Spots

Discover Turkey, home of amazing shopping places


Turkey's 7 Amazing Places for Shopping

Turkey is one of the world's great shopping destinations for tourists. The country has plenty of shopping places where you can find great products which will satisfy the shopper in you. We bring you the list of 7 surprising shopping spots in Turkey.

Istanbul's Historical Bazaars

Grand Bazaar: The legendary Grand Bazaar, which first opened its doors to traders in 1461, is a vast labyrinth of 61 covered streets encompassing 4.400 shops selling everything from jewellery and carpets to leather and antiques. Cafes, restaurants and beautiful ancient architecture.

Egyptian Spice Bazaar: Spice Bazaar is another favourite spot for shoppers with its enticing array of exotic spices, jams, dried fruits, nuts, tea, coffee and of course, Turkish delight, in its multitude of flavours.

Hamamonu, Ankara

Hamamonu, one of Ankara's favorite historical and shopping spots, is where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of the city center for a nice quiet lunch. Also, special design handicrafts of Hamamonu attracts great interest from visitors.

Kemeralti, Izmir

The 400-year-old Kemeralti Market is the oldest meeting point and shopping center of Izmir, always alive with its unique structure and people. The bazaar has always been an important area for traders since the Hellenistic period.

Kaleici, Antalya

In the old historical Kaleici there are many antique shops specializing in interesting treasures, jewellery, candlesticks, various types of handcrafted boxes, rugs. Most shops offer gifts and souvenirs aimed at the tourist market in Antalya.

Bakircilar Market, Gaziantep

Bakircilar Market is one of the best preserved examples of historical value without altering its natural texture. There is one thing that has never changed, the dexterousness industriousness and prolificacy of the expert coppersmiths of Gaziantep.

Yemeniciler Arasta, Safranbolu

At the 17th-century Yemeniciler Arasta, just one cobbler continues to make Yemeni which Ottoman style leather footwear. Also you can find a lot of felt rugs, embroidered shirts, wooden handicrafts and Turkish delight special to Safranbolu.

7 Incredible Shopping Spots in Turkey

Coppersmiths Market, Gaziantep