7 Legendary Reasons to Visit Troy

Discover Canakkale and learn Ancient Troy legend

Why to Visit Troy Ancient City

Troy is one of the prominent treasures of the world cultural heritage due to the archaeological findings and through the legends forming the subject matter of the most important epic of the classical antiquity. Experience the main roots of civilizations.

Ancient Troy

Ancient Troy has been immortalised by Homer's stories of King Priam, Hector, Paris and the beautiful Helen. Archaeological excavations carried out at various times have unearthed settlements, city walls, house foundations, temples and a theatre. Listed on the world heritage list, Troy has special importance in this area. Finds considered as groundbreaking in the field of archaeology and the ancient remains of this city, located by the strait that separates the continents of Europe and Asia, are the heritage of a glorious past started in 3000 BC.

It can easily be said that visiting this location would offer great pleasure to both history and literature lovers. This may be the place you remember for years to come.

The return of the legend of Troy and exceptional routes to discover. Here are the 7 legendary reasons to visit the Ancient City of Troy.

7 Best Reasons to Visit Troy

Troy Ancient City: Did you know that the ancient city of Troy was rebuilt 9 times? Imagine yourself tracing the remains of each city, while your kids play hide and seek around a replica of the famous Trojan Horse.

Year of Troy: 2018 was declared "Year of Troy" in culture and tourism to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Troys addition to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Troy Museum: The Troy Museum was built on the Troy archaeological site. This dreamy magnificent museum is open to visitors from all over the world.

Trojan War: Trojan War, which inspired many films and soap operas, is believed to have taken place here, and together with Homer's depiction in Iliad, make Troy increasingly attractive.

First Beauty Contest: The first beauty contest in the world and the civilization it destroyed. The World's First Beauty Contest was held here.

Trojan Horse: At the city centre of Canakkale, you can see the horse used in the film Troy (2004) featuring actors such as Brad Pitt and Eric Bana.

UNESCO: Troy Ancient City, which is included in the UNESCO's World Heritage List, is waiting for those who would like to trace the stories of ancient cultures.

7 Legendary Reasons to Visit Troy Ancient City
Ancient City of Troy, Canakkale