7 Things to Feel the Spirit of Cappadocia

Discover Cappadocia and its hospitable spirit

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Visitors are increasingly enticed by the poetic landscape of Cappadocia, by its fascinating fairy chimneys, its romantic cave hotels, its rose hued valleys and by the enduring, hearty and hospitable spirit of the region's inhabitants.

Geography & History

To venture into Cappadocia is to find oneself suspended in time, surrounded by the enduring artifacts of geography and history. This is the vast and captivating expanse of cliffs, valleys and flatlands where wind, rain and the scalpels of millions of cave dewellers from prehistory to the present day carved their stories into the soft volcanic tufa.

Tufa Landscape

Hollowed out fairy chimneys and cliffs feature as monastic dwellings in Pasabag, inspiration for the imagination in Devrent Valley, a UNESCO Heritage open air museum in Goreme and captivating hotel suites in the region. The larger chimneys, castles actually, in the villages of Urgup, Uchisar and Ortahisar, invite the physically sound to climb the steep stones up to places where the ancients stood sentinel against outside attacks.

Chapels & Frescoes

In the valleys of Goreme, Mustafapasa and Ihlara, visitors meander through rose hued valleys to see ancient chapels adorned with colourful frescoes depicting Christ, the Virgin Mary and saints.

Underground Cities

Vast multi layered, underground cities complete with kitchens, stables, wine presses and arched chapels tell the story of survival by communities under siege over the centuries, hidden beneath the present day villages of Kaymakli, Derinkuyu and Mazi.

Pottery & Carpets

The region is also known for its superb artisans including pottery craftsmen in Avanos, rugmakers in Urgup and Avanos, and wines have been made in the region for thousands of years.


Visitors who enjoy active, outdoor vacations will also enjoy the natural wonders and fun of Cappadocia. Glide over captivating landscapes in a fleet of hot air balloons. Take a mountain bike through the gravelly trails of the valleys. Try your hand at earthenware pottery in the manner of the ancient Hittites. Climb tufa valleys to find isolated pigeon houses, forgotten chapels and abondoned homes. Enjoy a ride on horseback into the verdant plains, partaking in the ritual of the Sema in a Selcuk caravanserai. Taste local wines from the terrace of a luxury cave resort.

Soul of Cappadocia

Yet the soul of Cappadocia is as much a product of its residents as in the whisper of the wind through age old valleys. Children still frolic along the stone alleyway of the area's villages, farmers still haul their product to market on the back of a donkey, and old women still prepare the day's meal in ancient ovens hollowed into the floor of the family cave.

Do You Believe in Miracles
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