8 Amazing Natural Swimming Pools

Discover Turkey and secret swimming holes

Turkey's 8 Secret Swimming Holes

There are numerous spectacular swimming holes you need to see in Turkey. Some of them are extremely popular. With flowing waterfalls, turquoise waters and gorgeous sandstone cliffs, here are 8 of the best natural pools to plunge into in the wild.


There are many places to explore, of course, but if you want to enjoy one of the most extraordinary swimming experiences in the world, you should definitely see the enchanting white travertines of Pamukkale and the antique Cleopatra Pool.

Ilica Waterfall

Ilica Waterfall, which is 12 km away from Pinarbasi, on the borders of Ilica Village, is poured from a height of 15 m. The waterfall, the natural pool where the water is poured and its surroundings have an exotic appearance covered with various vegetation. Located in the steep Kure Mountains, Ilica Waterfall is a very refreshing option for camp lovers.

Delikli Cove

With its distinctive white rocks, deep blue sea and quiet environment, Delikli Cove is a great place to swim. There is no transportation here except for your personal vehicle. In the opposite direction of surf schools, it is located 5 km from Alacati, Izmir.

Sapadare Canyon

Sapadere Canyon, which is frequented place by those who want to cool off a little in the summer heat, is a natural wonder worth seeing. Located in Alanya, the canyon is one of the best spots for wild swimming in Turkey.

King's Pool

From the north to the south, it is a common fact in Turkey that if you look close enough you will find yourself a natural pool to relax in. King's Pool is located near Serik, Antalya. With its 400 metres in height, it offers a panoramic view of the Taurus Mountains. Really worth it to visit. You will be right back to swim here again.

Blue Lake

How about spending time in nature on the last day of the week? This is Blue Lake in Giresun. The north of Turkey with its pure natural beauty. You can see Turkish greens mostly in the Black Sea region but sometimes it can surprises you with its hidden beauties. Blue Lake is one of the most beautiful ones of them.

Salmata (Kona)

Salmata is an another newly discovered natural wonder from Trabzon in the Black Sea region of Turkey. This small natural pool has formed its own stairs by eroding the rocks with water flow for thousands of years. Now, it looks like a five star hotel pool harmonized with the green beauty of the forests around it. You might have to stretch your legs with a few kilometers of trekking inside the woods to reach this place but the destination point is totally worth it.

Delik Deniz

Delik Deniz or King Cove is one of the hidden paradises in Antalya. A 3-4 hour drive on Alanya - Anamur highway while enjoying the beautiful landscape with banana gardens, pine forests and blue sea will take you to near this paradise. The water in pool is so clean and green, and it is naturally beautiful itself. Swimming in the pool where is opening to the sea is incredible experience.

Turkey's 8 Secret Swimming Holes
Ilica Waterfall, Pinarbasi, Kastamonu