8 Tips for Your Gulet Cruise

Discover Turkey and rent a wooden gulet

Gulet Cruising Holidays

Come and discover the unique way to see the many bays, golden beaches and historical sites that make up the southern Turkish coastline. Here are some tips you need to know before your legendary blue voyage tours in Turkey.

Gulet Cruise

Turkey is famous for its marine attractions. While the Black Sea waters offer seasonal swimming, the Aegean and the Mediterranean seas are accessible throughout the year. Explore the hidden bays and beaches that you can only access by sea. Sail from bay to bay, combining a relaxing summer vacation on the water with cultural exploration. Take advantage of southern Turkey's 300 days a year of sunshine to simply relax, enjoy stunning scenery.


  • Itineraries may vary slightly due to sea and weather conditions to ensure the safety and comfort of guests.
  • Vessels used for regular sailing itineraries only take 8-12 guests and include 6-10 double cabins with private facilities.
  • If you have a group, charter a private gulet and create your own itinerary.

Don't Forget

Gulet: During the high summer season the gulets (Turkish wooden sailing boats) are fully booked, so make sure you to book in advance.

Camera: The Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, where thousands of shades of blue and green meet each other and mix with history, will intoxicate photography lovers.

Proper Clothing: It is spent most of the time in a swimsuit on the boat. Taking a pair of walking shoes for hikes, a t-shirt for the cooler evening hours, a pair of pants and shorts is more than enough. A woollen jacket may be packed for the evening hours, depending on the season.

Things to Pack: Do not forget to pack towels, a spare bathing suit, suntan cream and sunglasses, a hat, snorkel, flippers and your medicines. If you want to sleep on the deck at nights, it might be well worth to bring a sleeping bag.

Suitcase: Do not carry large suitcases with you. They will not fit in the cabin. Blankets, light covers, sheets and hand towels are provided in the vessel.

Leisure Time: It may be useful to bring the music player for listening to music, as well as your backgammon, playing cards and chess sets with you, although they may be available on the boat as well.

Book: Blue voyage offers a perfect ambience for those who love to read books. You better take your books with you.

Insect Repellent: During the certain nights, you may need a insect repellent.

Gulet Cruising Holidays
Gulet Cruise, Bodrum, Mugla