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Akirgel Waterfall

Discover Rize, home of Akirgel waterfall


Ikizdere Akirgel Waterfall

Akirgel Waterfall is such as a door opening to different worlds. It is possible to see every corner of the enormous waterfalls of the Black Sea Region in Turkey.

Akirgel Waterfall

Each of the plateaus at Camlihemsin, Hemsin and Ikizdere towns located at the foot of Kackar Mountain ranges became tourist centers.

Streams rich in water flow through the region form waterfall at several points. Ikizdere - Cagirankaya Plateau is located at 25 km east of Ikizdere town of Rize province.

Geographical Information

Country: Turkey
Region: Black Sea
Province: Rize
Town: Ikizdere

What to Do

Besides Akirgel Waterfall, Cimil Waterfall and Balikli Waterfall in the Cimil Valley are gorgeous places worth to see.

Also, it is possible to see other enormous waterfalls in the region.

Akirgel Waterfall, Turkey

Akirgel Waterfall, Ikizdere, Rize