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Aladaglar National Park

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Turkey's Extraordinary Park

Aladaglar is one of the most important regions of the mountain tourism. More than a hundred lakes and various waterfalls are situated in the national park of Aladaglar covered by first class, long trunk black pine forest named Hacer Forest.

Aladaglar National Park

Aladaglar, declared as a national park in 1995, covers of 55.064 hectares area. Aladaglar has the highest summit of the Taurus Mountain range, is one of the most interesting places of Turkey geologically.

There are black pine and red pine forests in the low altitude sections of the national park. Above the tree border, most of the herbaceous plants that grow between the rocks have flashy flowers. It is truly amazing to find such beauties in these area where the temperature difference of day and night is 30 degrees.

Wild animals such as wild goats, bears, wild pigs, wolves, jackals, martens, otters, birds of prey and songbirds live in the national park. Aladaglar is one of the most popular mountains to climb in Turkey.

Glacier lakes and Kapuzbasi Waterfall are worth seeing in the national park. Zamanti River flowing through Aladaglar National Park has a landscape very suitable for rafting.

Amazing Beauties

Aladaglar National Park is just like a geomorphological outdoors museum. Two valleys covered by forests are located in the area. One of these valleys is Emli and the other is Hacer.

Yedigoller Plateau with its lakes formed on a land 3000 meters high is one of the best favorite places of Anatolia.

Aladaglar National Park is a place visited by the mountaineers from all over the world. Major peaks are Demirkazik, Kaldi, Alaca, Kizilkaya.

National Park Profile

Aladaglar National Park is approximately 15 km to Camardi town located within borders of Nigde province, and 30 km to Yahyali town of Kayseri province.

  • Forest, rich flora and fauna
  • Geological and geomorphological formations
  • Beauty of landscape
  • Climbing and trekking routes
  • Trekking, climbing, hiking, camping, angling
  • Glacier lakes, waterfalls

Aladaglar National Park, Turkey

Aladaglar National Park, Nigde