Altinbesik Cave National Park

Discover Antalya and visit karstic Altinbesik

Ibradi Altinbesik Cave

Altinbesik Cave National Park is one of the most beautiful parks and caves of Turkey. Karstic topography of the environment and pine forests forms a beautiful landscape of the national park. Discover the world's 3rd largest underground water cave.

Altinbesik National Park

Altinbesik Cave National Park is located within Antalya province in the Mediterranean region of Turkey. Altinbesik Cave and its surroundings have been declared as a national park in 1994.

There are cedar, juniper, red-headed tree species and many kinds of flower spreading in and around the national park. Also, there are no remarkable animal communities in the area. However, you can find the wild animals such as wild boar, fox, wolf and wild goats.

The water system of the Altinbesik Cave is one of the world's longest and biggest karstic system. The first 200 m from the entrance of the cave forms a sub level cave and this level always is under the water. At the last 40 m of the lower level there is a steep exit covered with white travertine. This part forms the most beautiful section of the cave.

Altinbesik Cave

Altinbesik Cave was first discovered and explored during the surface researches for the Oymapinar Dam on the Manavgat River in 1966.

The cave is horizontal, 2500 m long and partially active. The highest point of entrance of the cave is 101 m. Due to time to time activity of the cave, even in the dry seasons, the lower and middle levels may show a large extend of ponds. Upper level is always dry. The cave is very humid and the average air temperature is around 16-18 °C.

National Park Profile

Altinbesik Cave National Park is situated 10 km away from Ibradi town and 5 km away from Urunlu village and it is one of the most beautiful caves in our country.

The basic landscape items of the national park;

  • Altinbesik Cave.
  • Manavgat River.
  • Typical villages and impressive local architecture.
  • Rich flora and steep geography.
Altinbesik Cave National Park, Antalya
Altinbesik Cave, Ibradi, Antalya