Altindere Valley National Park

Discover Trabzon and visit beautiful Altindere

Gorgeous Valley of Altindere

Altindere Valley National Park is located within the boundaries of Macka district of Trabzon province. The main feature of the national park is the plant richness and geomorphological structure of Sumela Monastery and Altindere Valley.

Altindere Valley

Altindere Valley National Park is one the most impressive areas in Turkey with its natural and cultural values.

Located within the boundaries of the province of Trabzon in the Eastern Black Sea region of Turkey, Altindere Valley was announced in 1987 as a national park. The park covers an area of 4468 hectares.

Existing vegetation in the Altindere Valley National Park contains examples of the unique floristic diversity of the Eastern Black Sea region. The park is very rich in terms of flora and the dominant vegetation, especially with the cluster pine trees. Forest and alpine vegetation, which are two of the vegetation types that vary according to altitude, are the most important aesthetic resources in the national park in terms of both the species and composition and the appearance they offer in different seasons. The park, which is also rich in fauna, has important bird species.

What to Do

Altindere Valley National Park is important for nature tourism especially with its rural recreation areas dominated by forest, valley and river landscapes. Outdoor activities such as trekking, camping, climbing and sport fishing can be experienced.

The national park is set amid the rich flora and fascinating geomorphologic formations of the Altindere Valley. Sumela Monastery is a part of the park. Built in the name of Virgin Mary, Sumela Monastery is established on the western slope of Altindere Valley. It is a cultural value that every visitor must see coming to the national park.

National Park Profile

There are 3 ways to get from Trabzon to Altindere Valley National Park by bus, taxi or private car.

The basic highlights of the national park;

  • Sumela Monastery, a hidden sanctuary in clouds.
  • Exploring the natural and cultural values.
  • Hiking, trekking, camping and sport fishing.
  • Trekking and climbing routes.
  • Camp and recreation areas for day trips.
Gorgeous Valley of Altindere
Altindere Valley National Park, Trabzon