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Anatolia Homeland of Wine

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Homeland of Wine, Anatolia

Home to hundreds of indigenous varieties of European grape vine, Turkey played a pivotal role in the early history of wine and has been one of the earliest wine producing regions of the world.

Homeland of Wine

Since the reign of the Hittites, grapes have been cultivated and made into wine in Anatolia, which is seen as the homeland of wine. In ancient times, cities on the Aegean and Marmara shores exported wine to countries in the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions. The resulting wealth enabled these cities to grow and build magnificent temples and stone villas.

Wine Grape Production

It is believed that this variety dates back to the Hittites and Phrygians. Today, Turkey is fourth in the world in terms of vineyard area and the world's fifth largest producer of table grapes. Turkish wines are exported all over the world.

Turkish Wines

Turkish wines, produced with the grapes varieties all over Anatolia, from the coastal plains of the Aegean and the Mediterranean to the high plateaus of Eastern Anatolia, have always maintained their place at the Turkish dining table.

Red, white, rose and fruit wines, as well as traditional homemade wines from villages, have won many awards at international competitions.

In recent years, wine production has grown significantly, with capital being poured into modernizing and expanding production techniques. Wine lovers' community and interest in wine is growing with new societies, tasting parties and new vineyards.

As a result wine is on its way to becoming one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in Turkey.

Anatolia, Homeland of Wine

Indigenous Wine Grapes, Anaolia