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Ancient Cities in Turkey

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Turkey's Antique Cities

If you are interested in the history of the place where you spend your holiday in Turkey, we suggest you visit the ancient cities which are the open air museums of Turkey.

Ancient Cities

Throughout its long history spanning over 10,000 years Anatolia, the land that is now Turkey has been the birthplace of many great civilisations and empires all of which have left their mark in unique ways.

Lose yourself in the ancient cities and sites of Turkey, which includes once in a lifetime chance to visit the cities of Ephesus, Aspendos, Perge, Hierapolis, Aphrodisias, Gobeklitepe, Hattusas, Catalhoyuk, Assos, Troy, Ani, Demre (Myra) and Side as well as the Aizanoi Ancient City.

Archaeological Sites

There are lots of ancient cities and ancient ruins in Turkey, for the archeology lovers and fans. You can see the heritage from neolithic period when people start farming to classical and middle ages' magnificent cities. From the Neolithic site of Catalhoyuk to well preserved ancient Greek and Roman ruins, to Byzantine churches and Ottoman mosques, the layers of history in Turkey has myriad architectural, archaeological and religious legacy.

Featured Ancient Cities

Aegean: Aizanoi Ancient City, Amos Ancient City, Anavarza Antique City, Aphrodisias Ancient City, Blaundos Ancient City, Ephesus Antique City, Erythrai Ancient City, Hierapolis Ancient City, Kaunos Ancient City, Kolophon and Notion, Knidos Ancient City, Lagina Hekate Ancient City, Laodicea Ancient City, Letoon Ancient City, Miletos Ancient City, Musgebi, Pedesa, Pergamon Ancient City, Phokaia, Sardis Ancient City, Stratonikeia, Telmessos Ancient City, Telmissos Ancient City, Teos Ancient City, Tlos Ancient City, Tripolis Ancient City.

Mediterranean: Antiphellos Ancient City, Aspendos Ancient City, Chimera, Daglik, Demre (Myra), Etenna, Kekova Ancient City, Kibyra Ancient City, Limyra, Olba Ancient City, Olympos Ancient City, Patara, Perge Ancient City, Phaselis Ancient City, Sagalassos Ancient City, Seleukeia, Selge Ancient City, Selinus, Side Ancient City, Termessos Ancient City, Xanthos Ancient City.

Marmara: Assos Antique City, Troy Ancient City.

Central Anatolia: Alacahoyuk Archaeological Site, Astra Antique City, Cappadocia Underground Cities, Catalhoyuk Neolithic City, Hattusha Ancient City, Karahoyuk Antique City, Kilistra Antique City.

Eastern & Southeastern Anatolia: Ani Ruins, Arsameia Ruins, Dara Mesopotamia Ruins, Gobeklitepe Temple, Zeugma Archaeological Site.

Ancient Cities in Turkey

Tlos Ancient City, Fethiye, Mugla