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Aras Waterfall

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Sogukpinar Aras Waterfall

Aras Waterfall is in a rocky area full of the water from the melting snow of Uludag and falling from a height of 15 meters. The elevation here is 1700 meters.

Aras Waterfall

Aras Waterfall is one of Bursa's natural beauties, formed on the Aras Stream that carries Uludag's melted snow waters and falls from 15 meters through the rocks.

The distance between Bursa and Sogukpinar is for 30 km and a road for 5 km as from the village takes you to Ketenlik high plateau and the waterfalls area.

There are dangerous paths behind Aras Waterfall which are not often used.

Geographical Information

Country: Turkey
Region: Marmara
Province: Bursa
Village: Sogukpinar

Aras Waterfall, Turkey

Aras Waterfall, Sogukpinar, Bursa