Arasta Bazaar

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Istanbul Arasta Bazaar

Arasta Bazaar is a small and simple traditional market in Istanbul. There are many stores offering various classical handicrafts and touristy souvenirs, such as carpets, jewelry, leather goods and glass objects in this modest bazaar.

Arasta Bazaar

This modest bazaar was built in the 17th century by Ottoman officials; rental revenues from its vendors were meant to finance the upkeep of the neighboring Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Blue Mosque).

The mosaics found in the environs of the Arasta Bazaar during excavation works in 1930s proved that the territory once had belonged to a Byzantine Palace complex. While you are here, you can visit the Great Palace Mosaic Museum underneath the Arasta Bazaar. For relaxing and charming experience, visit the Arasta Bazaar in Istanbul.

Shopping at Arasta Bazaar

Arasta Bazaar is a tidy market street in the heart of Istanbul city. The bazaar is located on a narrow street with many lovely gift shops selling carpets and kilims, travel souvenirs, tiles and scarves on both sides of the street.

Arasta Bazaar is also known for its jewelry, pottery, spice, textiles, carpet shops. In the Arasta Bazaar, a thriving shopping arcade makes both shopping and sightseeing very convenient. You can find more than seventy stores in the bazaar.

Location: Arasta Bazaar, situated behind the Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Blue Mosque), on the north side of Torun Street, is a place where authentic goods and souvenirs can be found.

Opening Times: All shops in the Arasta Bazaar open from Monday to Saturday 09:00 - 19:00. Some of the shops are open on Sundays.

Sultan Ahmed Arasta Bazaar, Istanbul
Handicrafts in Arasta Bazaar, Istanbul