Archaeological Site of Ani

Discover Kars and visit impressive Ani ruins

Ani Ancient City

Archaeological Site of Ani, known as Ani Ruins is located in the northeast of Turkey, 42 km from the city of Kars on the Silk Road, on a secluded triangular plateau overlooking a deep narrow valley that forms the natural border with Armenia.

Ancient City of Ani

Ani Ancient City, also known as "World City", "Cradle of Civilizations", "City of 1001 Churches" and "City of 40 Gates", which are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, attracts attention of the visitors in every season. It is one of the world's most sacred spots and Turkey's most impressive medieval ancient cities.

The ruined city of Ani, which was the former capital of the great medieval Armenian kingdom, hosted numerous civilizations has an outstanding beauty in itself. In the mid 10th century, nothing in Europe could rival this capital of the Armenian kingdom in terms of either size or magnificence. You can see many archeological ruins and excavations while you are at this popular tourist destination. These structures reflect the characteristics of the medieval urbanism that was formed within centuries by Christians and Muslims.

Ancient City of Ani, an abused and forgotten metropolis, abandoned for centuries. But now, it is a dream of travelers.

Historic Ani Ruins

Ani has some of the world's most glamorous ancient ruins. The lion engraving on the city walls, Cathedral of Ani, Menucehr Mosque, Seljuk Caravanserai, Tigran Honents Church, and the Seljuk Bath are the important sites of Ani.

Cathedral of Ani: Built in 1001 with a design by Armenian architect, the cathedral is one of the largest standing building in Ani ruins.

Menucehr Mosque: Built by the Ani Emir Menucehr in 1072, is the first Seljuk mosque in Anatolia.

Tigran Honents Church: There are some exciting remains of frescoes in the Church of St. Gregory of Tigran Honents. It also features well-preserved relief work, especially on the south wall, including animal motifs.

UNESCO World Heritage

Inscribed on UNESCO World Heritage List in 2016, the Historic City of Ani ruins with numerous churches, mosques and caravanserais are encircled by impressive fortified walls.

  • Official Name: Archaeological Site of Ani
  • Architectural Type: Ancient City
  • Date of Inscription: 2016
  • Category: Cultural
  • Reference: 1518
  • Location: Kars, Turkey
Archaeological Site of Ani
Ancient City of Ani, Kars