Arslantepe Mound

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Archaeological Site of Arslantepe

Arslantepe Mound (Lion Hill) is a 30 m high archaeological site located in the Malatya Plain, 12 km southwest of the Euphrates River. The site, which hosts a unique history, is one of the largest mounds in Turkey.


Arslantepe or Lion Hill, which is located near Malatya in Eastern Anatolia region of Turkey, is an important archaeological site shedding light onto ancient history with the earliest signs of human settlement reaching as early as the Copper Age.

Also known as Melid, Arslantepe has attracted the attention of archaeologists from around the world since the 1930s.

With a history dating back to almost 6000 years ago, this ancient Hittite city is considered a religious and cultural centre where first known early state structure emerged in our geography. The site illustrates the processes which led to the emergence of a state society in the Near East and a sophisticated bureaucratic system that predates writing. Excavations have been carried out at the site for more ethan 50 years. Metal objects, weapons and the earliest Bronze Age swords in existence were excavated here. The Hittite reliefs, well preserved ancient mural paintings, and many other invaluable artefacts attract thousands every year to this wonder of ancient times.

6000-Year-Old Mound

Excavations at Turkey's archaeological mound of Arslantepe are related to the discovery of the famous Late Hittite city entrance. In this period Arslantepe was the capital of a small Late Hittite Kingdom. This majestic entrance, sided by two large relieves of lions and various other scenes, was part of a large fortification wall in mud brick surrounding the site.

Remains of a palatial complex and a large sculpture of a probable King are the other finds of this period.

In the archaeological site, the palatial complex dating back to the end of 4th century BC, a royal tomb, walls with painted decorations, potteries, swords, wedges, spearheads, seals, idols, bones, jewelery, stone and metal tools are exhibited.

The findings throw light on the rich history of many civilisations superimposed on the site.

UNESCO World Heritage

Arslantepe Mound in Turkey's eastern province of Malatya was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2021. This site is not only a source of new developments in monumental architecture, technology and arts, but reveal crucial events and changes that took place in the information of the state in Eastern Anatolia's Mesopotamian societies and the South Caucasus.

  • Official Name: Arslantepe Mound
  • Date of Inscription: 2021
  • Category: Cultural
  • Reference: 1622
  • Location: Malatya, Turkey
Archaeological Site of Arslantepe
Arslantepe Archaeological Site, Malatya