Assos Ancient City

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Ancient City of Assos

Ancient harbour city of Assos is an ancient city located in Behramkale village about 17 km to the south of Ayvacik district in Canakkale. This ancient city is known in antiquity as a famous teaching centre.

Assos Archaeological Site

Assos Archaeological Site is located in the southwestern part of the Biga peninsula, within the borders of Behramkale village, 17 km south of the district of Ayvacik in the province of Canakkale. The archaeological site is under protection, since it was registered as a 1st degree archaeological site in 1982.

It is possible to come across the Doric column heads, column bases and other architectural ruins around the ancient city. Places of interest in Assos include the 5000 seat theatre, the agora, the stoa, the gymnasium, the bathhouse, the city walls and gates, and the ruins of the Temple of Athena on the acropolis.

Visitors often come to the Assos Ancient City to watch the moonlight on the ruins in the evening. Some visitors come to here early in the morning to watch the sunrise.

Temple of Athena

Temple of Athena, perched high above legendarily beautiful Assos harbour, was the first Doric style temple in Anatolia. The temple, built in 530 BC, taken its name from Athena, the daughter of Zeus and one of 12 Olympos Gods. The temple is one of the unique archetypes in antique age of Anatolia with its relief frieze. It is impossible to describe the wonderful view of the sunset and sunrise among the ruins. When you see the view, you can realize why this wonderful place had been chosen for building the temple.

3 Best Reasons to Visit Assos

Doric Style Temple: Temple of Athena is very important landmark of the Assos. It is the only archaic period Doric example of its kind in Turkey.

Panoramic Vista: The ancient city lies on a steep hill, rising 235 m above sea level. It has a great panoramic vista of the Aegean Sea.

UNESCO Tentative List: Archaeological Site of Assos, which is included on the UNESCO Tentative List in 2017, is one of the outstanding universal values of Turkey.

  • Official Name: Archaeological Site of Assos
  • Architectural Type: Ancient City
  • Date of Submission: 2017
  • Category: Cultural
  • Reference: 6242
  • Location: Canakkale, Turkey
Assos Archaeological Site, Canakkale
Assos Ancient Theatre, Ayvacik, Canakkale