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Turkey's Cultural Attractions

Turkey's Historical Sites

Historical Places in Turkey

The greatest wealth of our country is probably history and Turkey has countless historical places to visit. As a bridge between Europe and Asia, Turkey has so much to offer visitors, unique historical and archaeological sites.

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Turkey's Sacred Sites

Religious Sites in Turkey

Any visitor to Turkey will be struck by the plethora and variety of religious buildings. There are temples dedicated to ancient gods, churches of many denominations, synagogues, mosques, and of course many holy places.

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Turkish Museums and Galleries

Turkish Museums and Galleries

Turkey has a great number of world's glorious museums and art galleries for you to visit. Private and state museum directorates in the country are attached to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

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Top 30 Special Things to Try in Turkey

30 Unique and Cool Things to Try in Turkey

There are lots of unique things to experience in Turkey, you can never find them any other country in the world. Here is the list of 30 special things to try while you are in our country.

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Turkish Kindness

Inspirational Popular Sights

Turkey's 10 Best Ottoman Sights

10 Unmissable Ottoman Sights in Turkey

This list of Top 10 unmissable Ottoman sights is just a quick glimpse of Turkey, only to give you the idea of the richness of the Ottoman architecture, diversity culture, and daily life.

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Turkey's 10 Best Seljuk Sights

10 Unmissable Seljuk Sights in Turkey

Turkey is the best place to see great examples of Seljuk architecture in the world. The great caravanserais, madrasas, tombs, hans, are among the finest characteristic of Seljuk buildings.

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Turkey's 10 Best Tourist Attractions to Visit

10 Most Visited Tourist Attractions in Turkey

Turkey offers a wealth of fantastic attractions for visitors to explore. With so many options, these top 10 comprehensive lists make it easy for you to find the best tourist attractions.

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