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Aydinpinar Waterfall

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Guzeldere Aydinpinar Waterfall

Aydinpinar Waterfall is located in the province of Duzce in the Black Sea Region of Turkey. This waterfall is another nature attraction in the area that is only 10 kilometers to the Duzce city center.

Aydinpinar Waterfall

Aydinpinar Waterfall which is situated on hill that offers a bird's eye view of the town Duzce, is composed front 5 different waterfalls. It is on the way to Guzeldere Efteni Birds Paradise Lake. The view of five consequent waterfalls are quite impressing.

Aydinpinar Waterfall is located on the road between Guzeldere and Samandere. During the month of August the area is covered with blackberry bushes. It is a very convenient course for the trekkers. Water from the falls flow through the Aydinpinar Village.

Samandere Village

Samandere Village, which is 26 km far away from the city center, located in the south east of city of Duzce.

Geographical Information

Country: Turkey
Region: Black Sea
Province: Duzce
Village: Aydinpinar

What to Do

There are two salmon trout farming facilities on the stream. You can have a fish lunch here with trout fried, grilled or stewed. Don't forget to order mushrooms in fried cheese.

Aydinpinar Waterfall, Turkey

Aydinpinar Waterfall, Duzce