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Ayran, Turkey's Summer Drink

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Ayran, Turkish Yoghurt Drink

Ayran is one of the most beautiful accompanying drink of Turkish foods, is basically made from yoghurt, water and salt. Ayran is a favorite refreshing drink by itself especially during the summer months. Have you tasted it before?

Turkey's Traditional Ayran

Ayran is a mixture of natural yoghurt, water and salt. This Turkish drink serves as an ideal complement to grilled meat dishes. Yoghurt diluted with water, with a touch of salt, produces the most amazing and refreshing flavour.

Ayran is known as Turkey's summer drink. Ayran not only accompanies any meal but is drunk as a refreshing drink by itself especially during summer months. The simplest and the healthiest of cold drinks.

Ayran is common among all regions of the country only the slight variation being its thickness. Especially in the south, for example, thicker ayran is preferred.

But the best of this unusual but simple drink is made in Susurluk, near Balikesir, who are so proud of their bubbled ayran that they have a local festival for it in the beginning of September.

History of Ayran

Ayran is one of the fundamental drinks of Turkish culture dating back to Central Asia. The word comes from the Turkish word yoghurt, deriving from the verb yogurtmak, which means to blend, a reference to how yoghurt is made.

Ayran was first developed thousands of years ago by the Gokturks, who would dilute bitter yoghurt with water in an attempt to improve its flavour. Today, the popularity of ayran in Turkey is ubiquitous, and it can be found at fast food restaurants.

Healthy Summer Drink

Ayran is one of the most popular refreshments in Turkey. This salty yoghurt drink is the perfect companion for the hot Turkish summers. To prepapre ayran simply mix a cup of yoghurt with a cup of water. Add some sea salt and whisk it until it becomes foamy. Don't forget to serve it cold.

There are several well known variations of ayran;

  • Susurluk Ayran
  • Yayik Ayran
  • Otlu Ayran
  • Sodali Ayran

Ayran Turkish Favorite Summer Drink

Susurluk Ayran, Balikesir