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Best Places for Rafting in Turkey

Discover Turkey, home of best rafting places


Turkey's Best Rafting Places

Turkey has plenty of rivers which are perfect for river rafting. This is the list of awesome white water rafting places in Turkey; Coruh River, Dalaman River, Koprulu River, Firtina River, and Goksu River.

15 Rivers for Rafting

While you are on rafting holiday, you can find lots of great rivers and creeks for white water rafting in Turkey.

Here are the 15 rafting rivers to experience unforgettable adventure in Turkey;

  • Coruh River, Barhal Stream - (Artvin)
  • Koprulu River, Alara Stream - (Antalya)
  • Firtina River, Ikizdere River - (Rize)
  • Dalaman River (Mugla)
  • Goksu River, Dragon River - (Mersin)
  • Zamanti River - (Kayseri)
  • Melen River - (Duzce)
  • Munzur Stream - (Tunceli)
  • Esen River - (Mugla)
  • Bekili Stream - (Denizli)
  • Ermenek Creek - (Karaman)

Best Rafting Spots

Coruh River: Coruh River is one of the world's fastest flowing rivers, also in the list of top 10 rivers for rafting in the world, located in Artvin. The natural habitat of Coruh River remains undisturbed, and colonies of wildlife live among the rocks by the riverside.

Koprulu River: Koprulu River is the country's most popular rafting area, famous with its red speckled trouts and grey mullets. The river is located in Antalya, constitutes one of Turkey's most beautiful natural recreation areas.

Firtina River: Firtina River is located in Rize, interesting for the arched bridges, tea plantations, and traditional costumes of the local people. The route can be completed in 1 hour and is used by amateur and professional rafting lovers.

Dalaman River: Dalaman River is fed with the natural limestone, has the total length of 229 km. The turquoise blue water is always clear and warm, so attracts local and foreign tourists and rafting is possible throughout the year.

Goksu River: Goksu River is the most important river in the province of Icel. The wide river bed of Goksu is suitable for all types of river sports, such as rafting and canoeing.

Best Places for Rafting in Turkey

Coruh River, Artvin