Best Snowboarding Resorts

Discover Turkey and its best snowboarding resorts

Turkey's Best Snowboarding Spots

Turkey's winter sports centres each offer something for all snowboarders. If you are a snowboarding enthusiast, you should definitely take a look at our list where you can find the best snowboarding spots in Turkey.

Enjoy White Snow

Snowboarding is a winter sport that has only 30 years of history. In the middle of a wonderful nature, once you have enjoyed to slide downhill on a snowboard over the white snow, you can't easily give up the passion for snowboarding. As soon as winter ends, you start waiting for the next winter.

Eye catching ski slopes and snow covered trails are attractive for extreme sports enthusiasts. A paradise for skiers, Turkey hosts some of the best ski resorts in Europe with the quality of their slopes, their activity options and their very good snow rate. Turkey is also very enjoyable country for snowboarders too with its inspiring itineraries and top quality facilities in the best ski resorts such as Palandoken, Sarikamis, Kartalkaya, Uludag, Erciyes and Ilgaz.

Which are the best routes for snowboarding? Where should you go for snowboarding this winter in Turkey? We have compiled the answers for you.

6 Best Places to Snowboard

Palandoken, A White Dream: Palandoken Ski Centre, located in the southwest of Erzurum, is an inspiring spot that welcomes thousands of winter sports and snowboarding enthusiasts every year. The quality of snow in the region is also quite high.

Sarikamis, In Pursuit of Crystal Snow: One of Turkey's best ski resorts, Sarikamis is known for its crystal snow feature only available in the Alps and is also suitable for snowboarding. The first stage is recommended for beginners and the second stage is recommended for advanced snowboarders.

Kartalkaya, Covered with Pine Forests: Located in the east of Bolu, Kartalkaya is one of the great winter sports centres in Turkey. The total length of the ski slopes is 30 km. There is also a special snowpark for snowboarders here, keep in your mind.

Uludag, Best Ski Resort: Welcoming winter sports lovers since 1933, Uludag Ski Resort is one of the most popular skiing destinations in Turkey. It is Turkey's best ski resort in terms of accommodation options and great facilities, has many suitable slopes for beginners and professional snowboarders.

Erciyes, Symbol of Kayseri: Erciyes, which attracts attention with its climbing areas, breathtaking views and world class ski centre, is about 3900 m high. In addition to skiing and snowboarding, it is also an ideal region for snowkiting. Don't waste more time if you want to experience adventurous moments.

Ilgaz, Adorned with Pine Trees: Ilgaz Mountains is the highest mountain massif of the Western Black Sea region. Standing out with its beautiful nature adorned with pine trees, Ilgaz Ski Resort is a located on Ilgaz Mountains, and favourite ski centre for beginners.

Turkey's Best Snowboarding Spots
Kartalkaya Ski Centre, Bolu