Beysehir Lake National Park

Discover Konya and see turquoise colour lake

Turquoise Colour Lake

Beysehir Lake National Park is located within the boundaries of Konya province in Central Anatolia region of Turkey. The national park, which is the 2nd largest national park of our country, known as the most beautiful face of the sun.

Beysehir Lake National Park

Beysehir Lake and its surroundings have been declared as a national park in 1993 and taken under protection. Beysehir Lake National Park covers an area of 86,855 hectares.

You may start your trip from the northwest corner of the lake within the national park and walk to the south on the road bordered by the lake. While walking along the cypress trees and listening to the bird sounds, you will be amazed at the beauty of the islands scattered like dots over the lake. These 33 large and small islands in the lake are the safe places to incubate for many species of birds including gulls, cormorants, pelicans and crows.

Flora & Fauna: There are 85 families, 305 genera, 545 species, 140 subspecies and 54 varieties in the Beysehir National Park. 88 of the 560 taxa in the national park area are endemic. The lake is very important for the water birds, reptiles and mammals. Also, there are 153 bird species in the national park area.

Lake Beysehir

Lake Beysehir, which is the largest freshwater and the third largest lake in Turkey, is one of the most beautiful lakes in our country with its wildlife, beautiful colour, natural beauties, historical values, big and small islands, sandy beaches, karst caves and pristine vegetation.

The lake has many bays and beaches to swim for visitors. The beaches, which are consisted of completely natural sands, suitable for many water sports activities. While the sun is disappearing at the end of the day, the Beysehir Lake and the snowy Anamas Mountains offer the most beautiful nature views of this region.

National Park Profile

Located 90 km away from Konya province in Turkey's Central Anatolia region, Beysehir Lake National Park is one of beautiful national parks in our country.

The highlights of the Beysehir National Park;

  • Turquoise colour freshwater lake.
  • 33 large and small islands in the lake.
  • Beaches, tents and caravan parks for day trips.
  • Panoramic view of the Taurus Mountains, Erenler Mountain, Anamas Mountains and Sultan Mountains.
Turquoise Colour Lake
Beysehir Lake National Park, Konya