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Bird Paradise National Park

Discover Balikesir, home of Manyas Bird Paradise


Manyas Bird Paradise

Bird Paradise National Park is an ideal place for birds to stopover, rest and continue on their way after feeding. The park is located in the mild climate of the Marmara region, right on top of the international migration routes of the birds.

Bird Paradise National Park

Bird Paradise area was declared a national park in 1959. Basic species of tree at the Bird Paradise National Park are willows and tamarisk trees located on the southern and eastern shores of the lake. Alongside all the reeds, rush, and other grasses, hundreds of other species of flowering plants also exist in the marshlands.

The lake where fresh water lobster, green frogs, leaping frogs and tree frogs are constantly present, also is the habitat of more than 20 species of fish including bass, pike, mullet, and carp.

Bird Paradise National Park is a marvel for all bird admirers, also an important stop for migratory birds. It is estimated that there are 246 species of birds visiting the Bird Paradise National Park.

National Park Profile

  • Nature photography
  • Rich and diverse bird communities
  • Natural plant communities
  • Bird watching (Ornithology)

Bird Paradise National Park has received an award of the Class A European certificate from the European Union, because of its effective and successful protection for bird life.

Manyas Lake

Ornithological Paradise: The national park near the Manyas Lake is a veritable ornithological paradise where 246 species of birds feed.

Detailed information about the birds, and the park in general, is provided in the museum and the administrative building inside the park. Scientific research here requires permission from the park directorate.

Bird Paradise National Park, Turkey

Manyas Bird Paradise, Bandirma, Balikesir