Blue Flag Beaches in Mersin

Discover Mersin and swim in clean waters

Mersin's Blue Flag Beaches

Mersin, which is located in the eastern Mediterranean part of Turkey, has 9 lovely beaches in total that awarded with the blue flag certification. You can also find the numerous wonderful sandy beaches along the coastline of Mersin.

Mersin, Wonderful Beaches

Mersin, on the eastern Mediterranean coastline of Turkey, has a very long coastline extending from the city center out towards the west. There are numerous wonderful beaches in and around the city. In order to swim in clean waters with blue flag along the coastline, you need to get out of the city centre.

The resort towns begin with Erdemli, which now has become part of the urban expansion of Mersin, and ends at Anamur which is on the border with the province of Antalya.

Silifke district has the best beaches with its blue flag. Tasucu and Susanoglu Public Beaches are the most visited in Silifke district. Maiden's Castle has very warm and sandy beaches also visited by people.

It is very easy to reach to these places by bus or private car.

Total 32 Criteria

Except sea water cleanness, total 32 criteria, including having licensed lifeguards on beaches, first aid facilities, special arrangements for disabled citizens, security barriers for swimming areas if water sports are done, environmental cleaning, and cabin cleaning, must be met.

Blue Flag Beaches and Marinas

Mersin, in which 9 beaches and 1 marina in total that awarded with the blue flag certificate in 2020, attracts visitors with its dark blue sea and undiscovered resort towns.

Mersin has 9 beaches in total that awarded with the blue flag;

  • Hotel Anemurion, Bozyazi
  • Nagidos Otel, Bozyazi
  • Liparis Resort Otel, Erdemli
  • Kilikya Otel, Erdemli
  • Kizkalesi Public Beach, Erdemli
  • Olbios Marina Resort Hotel, Erdemli
  • Ulu Resort Hotel, Gulnar
  • Susanoglu Public Beach, Silifke
  • Mediterranean Resort Hotel, Silifke
  • Altin Orfoz Otel, Silifke
  • Intermot Bogsak Motel, Silifke

Mersin has just 1 marina in total that qualified with the blue flag;

  • Mersin Marina, Yenisehir
Blue Flag Beaches in Mersin
Maiden's Castle, Silifke, Mersin