Blue Flag Beaches in Turkey

Imagine you are lazing on a beach in Turkey

Crystal Blue Waters

The Blue Flag is an international environmental award given to safe, clean beaches from all around the world. Turkey has 519 beaches in total that awarded with the blue flag certification as of 2021. You can find a blue flag on many beaches along Turkey's coastline.

Crystal Clear Sea

Crystal clear waters, peaceful coves, sandy beaches and shining sunshine. Would you like to visit a country with some of the best beaches in the world?

Turkey is proud to be third largest country having number of beaches with blue flag certificate.

Grab your swimsuit and come to Turkey. Choose from 519 lovely beaches awarded with the prestigious blue flag, thanks to their quality and safety.

Total 32 Criteria

Except sea water cleanness, total 32 criteria, including having licensed lifeguards on beaches, first aid facilities, special arrangements for disabled citizens, security barriers for swimming areas if water sports are done, environmental cleaning, and cabin cleaning, must be met.

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Blue Flag Beaches

Antalya: Antalya, also known as the Turkish Riviera is the most stunning part of Turkey's Mediterranean coast with its perfect sun, endless clean beaches, ultra luxury resorts, nature and history. Antalya, which is home to 213 of the 519 beaches with blue flag certificates, is the city with the most blue flag certificates in the world.

Mugla: The southern Aegean city, Mugla has some of the most popular beaches of Turkey and 106 beaches awarded with the blue flag.

Izmir: Izmir, the southern Aegean city, has nearly 66 clean beaches in total that awarded with the blue flag. Excellent white beaches, crystal clear waters and sun.

Aydin: Aydin has 39 beaches awarded with the blue flag certification.

Balikesir: The northern Aegean city, Balikesir has 36 beaches awarded with the blue flag.

Canakkale: Canakkale has 12 great beaches awarded with the blue flag.

Mersin: Mersin, on the eastern Mediterranean coastline of Turkey, has a very long coastline extending from the city center out towards the west. Mersin attract lots of tourists with its 9 blue flag beaches and undiscovered beaches.

Along the Coastline: The other blue flag beaches all along the coastline of Turkey; 6 beaches in Tekirdag, 7 beaches in Kocaeli, 3 beaches in Bartin, 2 beaches in Ordu, 13 beaches in Samsun, 1 beaches in Sakarya, 1 beach in Kirklareli, 2 beaches in Duzce, 2 beaches in Istanbul, 1 beach in Van.

Crystal Blue Waters

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