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Blue Flag Boats in Turkey

Discover Turkey, home of blue flag boats


Turkey's Blue Flag Yachts

The Blue Flag for boats is a certification given by the Foundation for Environmental Education. Turkey has 15 yachts and boats in total that awarded with the Blue Flag as of 2019.

Blue Flag Yachts

Turkey has 15 boats in total that qualified for the Blue Flag, growing it among European countries in the number of certified boats.

Antalya (8 Blue Flag Boats):
Elpis, Evita, Guney Yildizi, Kaptan Ergun, Tayli-1, Tundra, Guneyli A, Kartal 10

Balikesir (3 Blue Flag Boats):
Armin, Elsin, Tuana K

Aydin (1 Blue Flag Boat):

Izmir (2 Blue Flag Boats):
Myra, The Little Wolf

Mugla (1 Blue Flag Boat):

Blue Flag Rules for Yacht Owners

Individual boat owners wanting to contribute to the programme can be awarded a Blue Flag by complying with the Blue Flag for Boat's Environmental Code of Conduct.

  • I will not throw garbage into the sea or along the coast
  • I will not release toilet water in coastal waters and sensitive areas
  • I will not release poisonous or toxic waste (oil, paint, used batteries, cleaning agents, etc) in the sea. I will deliver these types of waste to the containers in the marina
  • I will promote and use recycling facilities (glass, paper, etc)
  • I will use the most environmentally friendly products that are available and work efficiently
  • I will instantly report pollution or other violation of environmental regulations to the authorities
  • I will not engage in forbidden fishing practices and I will respect periods when fishing is prohibited
  • I will protect animals and plants in the sea, including no disturbance of breeding birds, seals or other marine mammals
  • I will respect vulnerable and nature protected areas
  • I will avoid damaging the sea floor (in the way that I anchor, etc)
  • I will avoid disturbing fishery or fishing gear
  • I will not buy or use objects made from protected species or from archaeological underwater findings
  • I will encourage other boaters to take care of the environment

Blue Flag Boats in Turkey

Traditional Wooden Gulet, Kemer, Antalya