Blue Mosque of Istanbul

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Sultan Ahmed Mosque

Sultan Ahmed Mosque, also known as the Blue Mosque, was built between 1609-1616. This elegant Ottoman mosque takes its name from the blue tiles used in its interior. The Sultan Ahmed Mosque is first one of the two mosques in Turkey that has six minarets.

Blue Mosque

Sultan Ahmed Mosque is one of the impressive monuments of Istanbul that has become its symbol. The mosque is also one of the most photogenic Ottoman mosques in Turkey.

Standing in the middle of Istanbul, the majestic Blue Mosque is hard to miss. Being one of the grandest mosques in Turkey, it can hold up to 10.000 worshippers. Its acoustics are so precisely engineered that you can almost hear the voice of anyone person praying, even when the mosque is full. Its elegant blue tile mosaics and perfect symmetry will take you on a spiritual journey.

Make sure you spend some time in silence inside the breathtaking mosque to admire its prayerful atmosphere and superb blue tiles.

You only need to visit the Blue Mosque once to remember it for the rest of your life.

Architectural Features

This Ottoman mosque was built opposite Hagia Sophia and takes its name from the famous blue tiles used in its interior. It was built between 1609-1616, during the reign of Ahmed I. The architect of the mosque was Sedefkar Mehmet Aga, one of the apprentices of Mimar Sinan.

Exterior: Blue Mosque features an elegant exterior with several domes, half domes, and slender minarets. The mosque is characterized by its six minarets, which is unusual in terms of Ottoman architecture. Blue Mosque has the largest courtyard of all Ottoman mosques. The tomb of Sultan Ahmed was constructed next to the front courtyard. Opposite the tomb stands the German Fountain, the German Empire's gift to the Ottomans.

Interior: The interior is decorated with the finest pieces of blue tiles from Iznik, which is why the Sultan Ahmed Mosque is most commonly known as the Blue Mosque. The actual number of the tiles used is exactly 21.043. There are a total of 16 muezzin's platforms on the mosque's minarets. Beautifully lit by chandeliers and lavishly decorated with carpets, the interior is expansive.

How to Visit

Entry to the mosque is controlled so as to preserve its sacred atmosphere for worshippers. Visitors are required to cover themselves on entry to witness a ceremony in the Blue Mosque.

Sultan Ahmed Mosque
Interior of the Blue Mosque, Istanbul