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Bulut Waterfall

Discover Rize, home of Bulut waterfall


Bulut Waterfall

Bulut Waterfall is situated on Tar creek between Ayder plateau and Camlihemsin district in Rize. The waterfall is only one of the innumerable corners from paradises of this area.

Bulut Waterfall

Bulut Waterfall is situated on Tar Creek between Ayder Plateau and Camlihemsin town in Rize province of Turkey. The waterfall, with its 250-meter cascade, is a real highlight of the area.

Starting the trail junction chestnut honeys sold in between Tolikcu seperation, following the wet bed of Tar Creek to the bottom of a Bulut Waterfall is coming down the hall. Up here in the stream bed is separated from those who want to follow the path to walk Kackar Plateau.

Geographical Information

Country: Turkey
Region: Black Sea
Province: Rize
Town: Camlihemsin

How to Get There

Bulut Waterfall is only one of the innumerable paradise corners of this area in the Black Sea region of Turkey.

Located 2 km from the town center Camlihemsin, the Bulut Waterfall can also be reached with a walk through the trees, accompanied by the sounds of water.

Bulut Waterfall, Turkey

Bulut Waterfall, Camlihemsin, Rize