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Caldere Waterfall

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Esenkoy Caldere Waterfall

Caldere Waterfall is located in the province of Yalova of the Marmara Region in Turkey. The waterfall is ideal to visit and swim in the ponds, in the west side of Yalova province.

Caldere Waterfall

Chestnut, lime, walnut, and beech trees as well as the fruit trees surround Caldere stream that flows through the slopes of Samanli Mountains. Many small or big waterfalls and small lakes welcome the visitors on the way to the big waterfall formed at the feet of Mount Ida.

As the volume of water of Caldere stream increases during the spring, it is ideal to visit and swim in the ponds under the waterfalls particularly in May and June.

Geographical Information

Country: Turkey
Region: Marmara
Province: Yalova
Village: Esenkoy

How to Get There

In order to go to Caldere Waterfall, it is necessary to reach Cinarcik via Yalova at first. Then the road leads to the forest area where the waterfalls trout board is placed 2 km ahead of Esenkoy following Cinarcik - Armutlu road.

Caldere Waterfall, Turkey

Caldere Waterfall, Esenkoy, Yalova