Camping in Turkey

Discover Turkey and enjoy the freedom of camping

Wild Camping Holidays

Camping in Turkey is pretty easy, you can enjoy a night under the stars, spectacular nature, wonderful beaches, crystal clear blue sea, sunshine and the freedom of camping. Turkey invites you to take a wild camping trip.


Camping can be a great way of exploring remote parts of Turkey's stunning countryside, getting close to nature and responsibly enjoying the tranquillity of some of the wildest places in Turkey.

Turkey is a fantiastic destination for camping offering wonderful beaches, wild nature, cyristal clear sea and sunshine. Also you are greeted by ruins of ancient times and history everywhere in Turkey.

The country has many amazing campsites for those who want to have a serene camping experience hidden among natural beauty. Immediately select a location from the list of Turkey camping sites and enjoy the summer vacation.

Camp Alternatives

Camping tourism is an economical holiday alternative, but it has a different concept other than usual classic holidays. Sleeping with your sleeping bag in the forest or right by the sea is an absolutely wonderful experience. If the camping equipment is okey, you can come to Turkey for camping holiday.

Turkey is the best country to camp in purely and simply because of the varied options available. The best two alternatives for camping are the beaches and the forests. These places are really beautiful and quiet.

Responsible Camping

Don't forget to camp safely and responsibly, make sure that you should apply the good practice leave-no-trace rules.

Please fulfill some responsibilities for camping in Turkey;

  • Carry a trowel to bury toilet waste and urinate well away from water sources.
  • Use a stove or do not leave any trace of camp fire.
  • Never cut down or damage any trees.
  • Take away your rubbish and consider picking up other litter as well.
  • If you are in doubt don't hesitate to ask the landowner, their advice might help you find a better camping area.
Wild Camping Holidays in Turkey
Seaside Campground, Akyaka, Mugla