Canoeing in Turkey

Discover Turkey and travel in a canoe

Canoeing Experience in Turkey

Turkey is one of the best locations in Europe for canoeing experience with its crystal clear seas and whitewater rivers. Let the river waters take you on a memorable journey towards the sea.


Did you know that the canoes existed thousands of years before the first wheel was invented? No one can say exactly when canoeing started, but it is estimated that they were a common use of transportation since 5000 BC.

Turkey provides great opportunities for water sports like canoeing, with its rich natural resources and hundreds of beautiful rivers and coastal areas. Today, canoeing has become particularly popular in Turkey and it needs good physical exercise to succeed in it. Our country offers fantastic canoeing sections, river and lake systems and more adventurous routes.

Best Seasons: The best season for canoeing is the all year round, also some rivers are suitable for canoeing throughout the year.

Great Outdoor Activity

Canoeing is a sport of traveling in a canoe, very popular in Turkey and all around the world. This great outdoor sport has many advantages which are exercise, recreation, travel and tourism. Follow the rules of the sea. Think safety at all times. Respect the sea and the weather. Wear life jackets or other flotation equipments. Make sure you are rested. Be thoughtful, remember the safety and the environment.

Canoeing Spots and Clubs

Canoeing is an outdoor activity that involves a special kind of canoe. Some canoes are called kayaks. When exactly a canoe can be called a kayak is difficult to determine though, and often arbitrary. If you do not have your own canoe or kayak, there are plenty of places such as campsites, hotels and tour operators to hire canoe.

Courses: There are organised paddling tours as well as courses for beginners in Turkey. The most common canoe boats in Turkey are the two paddled canoes.

Canoeing can be practised in many coastal areas of our country and resort towns. You can rent a canoe nearly in every beach around the coastline of Turkey. Spend your day exploring the bays and the coves that are not possible to reach by land.

Canoeing Experience in Turkey
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