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Canyons in Turkey

Discover Turkey, home of watery canyons


Canyons around Turkey

Turkey has many gorgeous canyons for you to discover and experience these magical formations. To experience a refreshing adventure in Turkey, go to one of the following canyons, where you can enjoy the wonderful beauty of nature.

Canyons, Gift of Nature

Turkey has many canyons that have been carved out over millions of years by water. These narrow gorges, with beautifully sculpted walls and waterfalls provide a striking setting for this refreshing adventure.

Did you know that Turkey is a heaven for canyon lovers? Canyons are one of the most beautiful natural wonders of the earth. Also which are the centers of attraction for many nature lovers and the photographers from around the world. Some of the canyons in Turkey are suitable for rafting, while some are ideal for trekking.

Some of the most beautiful canyons in Turkey;

  • Valla Canyon, Kastamonu
  • Koprulu Canyon, Antalya
  • Saklikent Canyon, Mugla
  • Ballikayalar Canyon, Kocaeli
  • Yazili Canyon, Isparta
  • Sahinderesi Canyon, Balikesir
  • Cehennem Deresi Canyon, Artvin
  • Goynuk Canyon, Antalya
  • Karanlik Canyon, Erzincan
  • Horma Canyon, Kastamonu

Turkey's Gorgeous Canyons

Aegean: Ansizca Canyon, Arapapisti Canyon, Cihanbegendi Canyon, Civril Canyon, Esen Creek Canyon, Geyik Canyon, Gokdere Canyon, Gurlek Canyon, Incegiz Canyon, Kapuz Canyon, Karabaglar Canyon, Kisik Canyon, Tokali Canyon, Ulubey Canyon, Zeytinkoy Canyon.

Mediterranean Ahmetler Canyon, Aksu Canyon, Cakit Canyon, Degirmenozu Canyon, Dokuzoluk Canyon, Gezende Canyon, Gokbuk Canyon, Gokcay Canyon, Goksu Canyon, Guver Canyon, Hacioglan Canyon, Haciobasi Canyon, Hamidiye Kamisli Canyon, Kapikaya Canyon, Kapiz Canyon, Kaputas Canyon, Karanlikici Canyon, Karasu Canyon, Kasimlar Canyon, Lamas Canyon, Magarali Canyon, Sapadere Canyon, Sason Canyon, Tekesarayi Canyon, Yesil Canyon.

Black Sea: Akcasu Canyon, Aydos Canyon, Bin Magarali Canyon, Bulak Canyon, Catak Canyon, Demirkapi Canyon, Derinoz Canyon, Duzce Canyon, Elmacukur Canyon, Ersizlerdere Canyon, Haciveli Canyon, Incekaya Canyon, Incesu Canyon, Kayalidere Canyon, Kirpe Canyon, Konari Canyon, Kupkaya Canyon, Malyas Canyon, Sahinkaya Canyon, Sakaralan Canyon, Sehriban Canyon, Seker Canyon, Sircali Canyon, Tokatli Canyon, Ulukaya Canyon.

Marmara: Cennet Canyon, Harmankaya Canyon, Harmankoy Canyon, Sadagi Canyon, Sansarak Canyon, Serindere Canyon, Sogukdere Canyon.

Central Anatolia: Cimbar Canyon, Hisarcik Derebahce Canyon, Kazankaya Canyon, Kazikli Canyon, Kibris Canyon, Nadire Canyon, Saricakaya Canyon, Sugul Canyon, Turnali Canyon.

Eastern & Southeastern Anatolia: Diyadin Canyon, Kayaarasi Canyon, Kokluce Canyon, Tohma Canyon.

Canyons in Turkey

Valla Canyon, Pinarbasi, Kastamonu