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Castles and Fortresses in Turkey

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Turkey's Castles and Fortresses

Here is the list of famous Turkish castles and fortresses from Ottomans, Seljuks and Byzantines. Originally made of earth and wood, later castles were built of stone, so many still survive today. Explore the iconic Turkish castles that everyone wants to visit.

Castles and Fortresses

Visiting fortresses and castles in Turkey is a unique experience for visitors from all over the world. You can see many more castles, fortresses and walls from distinct periods when you visit to Turkey. Turkish castles and fortresses have a very different look from European castles.

Unique Experience

Although some of the most impressive castles and fortresses no longer exist, you can still see some wonders like the Rumeli Fortress in Istanbul, Mamure Castle in Anamur or the Bodrum Castle in the southern part of Turkey.

Spanning a period of 900 years during the middle ages, castles come in many styles of architecture and design. Despite their differences though, they all have one feature in common, they are fortified. Castles are defensive structures specifically built to withstand attack in the medieval world.

Turkey's Featured Castles

Aegean: Afyon Castle, Ayasuluk Castle, Becin Castle, Bodrum Castle, Cesme Castle, Kadifekale Castle, Kusadasi Castle, Kutahya Castle, Marmaris Castle.

Mediterranean: Alanya Castle, Babaoglan Castle, Candir Castle, Haruniye Castle, Hemite Castle, Kalekoy Castle, Maiden's Castle, Mamure Castle, Koz Castle, Payas Castle, Silifke Castle, Yilankale Castle.

Black Sea: Amasya Castle, Boyabat Castle, Sinop Castle, Trabzon Castle, Zilkale Castle.

Marmara: Anadolu Fortress, Babakale Castle, Bozcaada Castle, Bursa Castle, Cimenlik Fortress, Gallipoli Castle, Istanbul City Walls, Rumeli Fortress, Yedikule Fortresses, Yoros Castle.

Anatolia: Ankara Castle, Kayseri Castle, Uchisar Castle.

Eastern & Southeastern Anatolia: Ardahan Castle, Hosap Castle, Kars Castle, Seytan Castle, Van Fortress, Diyarbakir Castle, Gaziantep Castle, Kahta Castle, Mardin Castle, Rumkale Castle, Sanliurfa Castle.

Castles and Fortresses in Turkey

Maiden's Castle, Silifke, Mersin