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Canakkale Clock Tower

Discover Canakkale, home of Clock Tower


Historical Clock Tower

The Historical Clock Tower at the city center was built of the local Ayvalik stone by the Emile Vitalis, an Italian tradesman, in the 19th century. It has four clock faces. Its polygonal belfry at the top was built by Halyo.

Clock Tower

The nice looking Clock Tower, located at the hearth of Canakkale, is one of the symbols and the most popular meeting point of the city. Because of it is located on the road from the pier to the city center, the life is very colourful and dynamic around the tower.

The Clock Tower, one of the landmarks of the city, consists of 5 storeys with a square plan. There is a clock on each of the four sides of the tower. The square shaped clock tower narrows slightly as it rises. It is one of the clock towers built in 1896 in many cities of Anatolia, the 20th anniversary of the reign of Sultan Abdulhamid II.

The five-storey Ottoman clock tower, the square and its surroundings were restored in 2010.

Historical Background

It is stated in the inscription of the clock tower that it was built by Cemal Pasha, the governor of Canakkale.

However, it is said that Emile Vitalis contributed to the construction of the tower. Vitalis was also the Italian honorary consul. It is known that he went to Europe for treatment because of his illness and he died in Nice. In the inscription of the building known as the old water reservoir of Canakkale, it is written that the Clock Tower was given as a gift by Emile Vitalis to the city.

Some architectural features of the Clock Tower;

  • One of the symbol landmarks of Canakkale
  • Given as a gift to the city by Emile Vitalis
  • Polygonal belfry at the top was built by Halyo
  • Built of the local Ayvalik stone
  • The Clock Tower is 20 meters high
  • A clock that works perfectly

Clock Tower, Turkey

Clock Tower Square, Canakkale