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Izmir Clock Tower

Discover Izmir, home of Clock Tower


Historical Clock Tower

The Clock Tower at the city center is a symbol of Izmir, located at Konak Square. It was designed by the Levantine French architect and built in 1901. In its lace like stone masonry, standing 25 m tall, the tower has 4 elegant fountains on 4 corners and 4 clocks.

The Clock Tower

The elegant looking Clock Tower has the Ottoman architectural features, known as the symbol of Izmir adorns the Konak Square just like a pearl.

The Clock Tower was constructed by Grand Vizier Said Pasha on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Sultan Abdulhamid II's ascending the throne in 1901. It has 25 m height with four fountains around its circular base.

The tower's clock was a gift from the German Emperor Kaiser Wilhelm II to Sultan Abdulhamid II of the Ottoman Empire as the symbol of their personal friendship. The most important feature of the tower is that its clock has not stopped since its construction date.

Izmir's Century Old Symbol

Clock Tower, one of the landmarks of the city, fascinates the viewers with its matchless architecture. With its beautiful profile, the tower glamorises Izmir.

The tower is a sign for Izmir. The way it sits on a firm foundation and its slender signifies the indestructible magnificence of Izmir. The elegant and beautiful behaviour of the people of Izmir is hidden amongst its nice workmanship.

Some architectural features of the Clock Tower;

  • Symbol of the city like a pearl
  • The architect of the tower, Raymond Charles Pere
  • The city gas installation built inside it
  • Stonework ornamented with geometric figures
  • Surrounded by 4 fountains in a circular pattern
  • A clock that works perfectly

Today, the Clock Tower, which is a favourite meeting point for people in Izmir since its construction.

Clock Tower, Turkey

Clock Tower, Konak, Izmir