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Coruh Valley

Discover Artvin, home of Coruh valley


Artvin's Coruh Valley

Coruh Valley is an undiscovered treasure trove full of surprises for lovers of art, sports and nature. The valley enchants nature lovers with its rare and endemic plant species and being on the main migratory route of raptors is a paradise for bird watchers.

Coruh Valley

Coruh Valley is one of the most magnificent valleys of Turkey formed by the Coruh River lies from Ispir to Artvin via Yusufeli.

The valley is unique in terms of nature and history. The geographic conditions have formed at some points of the area scary deep canyons and peaceful spaces at some points. Various, small or big villages located among the rice fields are complementary of the natural beauty. Coruh Valley is the source of life for centuries and allowed the growth of various vegetables and fruits owing to its warm climate. Even the olive groves belonging to the Mediterranean climate can be seen around.

Natural Richness of Coruh

Coruh Valley offers a unique landscape with its very deep and step valley and rapid flowing river. Due to low intensity human activity in the area, natural riches are well preserved.

Different climatic conditions of the Black Sea, Mediterranean and Central Anatolia can be experienced altogether in Coruh Valley. Those differing climatic properties allow a greater variety of local animal and plant species, besides make the region so special and favorable for birds.

Bird Species: Coruh Valley serves as a very important migration route for the raptors and other birds migrating between Caucasian region and Anatolia. Besides, there are numerous rare bird species in the region.

Georgian Monasteries: Visitors may find many ancient castles particularly in between Ispir and Yusufeli. All along the Coruh Valley, many small ruins and lots of Georgian monasteries can be found in this region.

Coruh Valley in Artvin

Coruh Valley and River, Artvin