Cultural Routes of Turkey

Discover Turkey and its official culture routes

Great Walks of Turkey

The best of Turkey's trekking, biking and horseback riding routes. The number of waymarked hiking trails in Turkey is growing. Turkey has 22 official cultural routes, ideal for those who like trekking and at the same time take in spectacular scenery.

Turkey's Culture Routes

The cultural routes of Turkey pass through varied scenery and traces of past civilizations, from the Lycians on the rocky Mediterranean coast, via the Phrygians and the Hittites of the fertile valleys of Anatolia, to the Georgians in the mountains of the Black Sea. Wild and rugged landscapes are netted by old roads and punctuated by once flourishing castles, caravanserais and isolated monasteries. The routes celebrate past civilisations, international links, natural beauties and adventurous travelers.

Generally, the routes are developed by individual initiative. The passion driving routemakers is twofold to demonstrate to curious visitors a different side of Turkey, and to create a sustainable tourism system that will reinvigorate rural economies.

Over half the routes are waymarked to European standards; all have GPS files available. Accommodation options along the routes are very varied, and rapidly improving as more travelers follow them. The efficient network of internal flights and long and short haul bus services allow easy access to even remote routes.

22 Official Waymarked Trails

Turkey currently has over 5.000 kilometers of routes, which can be explored on foot, horseback and bicycle. They offer an opportunity for the modern day adventurer to share in over 10.000 years of rich history and culture, and the hospitality of its inheritors, the Turks. In Turkey you can find a route for everyone at any season.

International Routes: Abraham's Path, Sultan's Trail, Via Egnatia, Via Eurasia.

Coastal Routes: Lycian Way, Carian Trail, Fethiye Alternative Trail.

Nature Routes: Kackar Mountain Trails, Kure Mountains Trail, Mount Ararat, St.Paul Trail, Sarikamis Trails, Yenice Forest Trails.

Historical Routes: Lycian Way, Carian Trail, Saint Paul Trail, Hittite Trail, Phrygian Trail, Evliya Celebi Way, Abraham's Path, Ephesus Mimas Route, Tolerance Way.

Biking Routes: Evliya Celebi Way, Hittite Trail, Phrygian Trail, Gastronomy Route, Independence Trail, Sarikamis Trails, Yenice Forest Trails, Ephesus Mimas Route, Tolerance Way.

Horse Riding Routes: Evliya Celebi Way, St.Paul Trail.

Lycian Way, Carian Trail, Idyma Way, Abraham's Path and Hittite Trail are recommended in the spring. Evliya Celebi Way, Phrygian Trail, Gastronomy Route, Kure Mountains Trail and Yenice Forest Trails are recommended in the autumn. Mount Ararat, Between Two Seas, Kackar Mountain Trails, Via Egnatia and Independence Trail are recommended in the summer.

Culture Routes in Turkey
Sultan's Trail, Kirklareli