Cultural Treasures of Rize

Discover Rize and inspirational historical sites

Rize's Historical Treasures

Black Sea region is an emerald crown in Anatolia, and Rize is the rarest part of this crown. Come and explore the medieval castles, stone arch bridges, traditional mansions, historic mosques and wooden warehouses throughout the city.

Castles and Fortresses

With its five fortresses having survived the centuries, Rize has a cultural heritage worth discovering. Especially, Rize Castle in the city centre and Zilkale staying hidden in a forest glade on the old Silk Road are both definitely worth visiting. These castles, the oldest witnesses of the city’s history, still standing notwithstanding the centuries that have gone over them, look as if they belong to a fairytale.

The Castles in Rize: Rize Castle, Zilkale, Ciha Castle, Kale-i Bala and Maiden's Castle.

Stone Arch Bridges

As well as running waters that separate one shore from the other, there are also bridges that connect two shores together, make two impossibilities possibly, and turn separation into meeting in Rize. These bridges have seen many lives and connected many lives together. All of the 123 bridges in Rize are the examples of dry stone masonry presenting to visitors an absolute visual feast.

The Major Arch Bridges: Timisvat Bridge, Senyuva Bridge, Ortan Bridge, Cat Bridge, Orenkit Bridge and Mikron Bridge.

Traditional Houses and Mansions

You can find a compilation of the traditional houses and mansions that still defy time and that you can photograph during your tours in the villages. The mansions, which symbolize the memory of the city, are also rich parts of Rize's cultural heritage.

The Major Historical Mansions: Rize Ataturk Museum, Ethnography Museum of Rize, Tuzcuogullari Residence, Reyhanlilar Residence and Sevket Atac Mansion.

Wooden Mosques

Wood is an indispensable material for the people of Black Sea region. Local people have always made use of wood everywhere and in every aspect of life. The wooden mosques of Rize are the examples of this phenomenon. These mosques were meticulously constructed by handicraft labor and by having recourse to various techniques. At the same time they were built so strongly that they survived until today. The local people have always considered important and preserved these mosques that haven't got any damage apart from the wear and tear occurred in the course of years

Wooden Warehouses

The wooden warehouses are the buildings the local people constructed with the aim of drying corns. Also, they are used to dry walnuts, hazelnuts, persimmons and beans. The warehouses, mostly built next to the houses, are principally made from chestnut, walnut, cherry or elm trees. The warehouses, which are put under protection, are definitely worth seeing.

Rize's Historical Treasures to Explore
Stone Arch Bridge, Senyuva, Rize